Late last month, former UFC light heavyweight champion and bona fide MMA legend Chuck Liddell burst back into the headlines. It began when Liddell posted a picture to Instagram, which showed him in ridiculous shape – maybe the best shape he’s ever been in. It continued when, after ample discussion about a possible comeback, Liddell’s long time coach John Hackleman suggested such a thing would be possible if the money and opponent were right.

“Just like when they first wanted him to quit and he wanted to keep fighting, everybody was thinking I was trying to push him to keep fighting, which isn’t true,” Hackleman said on a recent episode of the Anik and Florian Podcast. “But like I always said, it’s whatever is in his heart. 3 million bucks? Who is gonna tell someone, ‘No, I’m not gonna allow you to make $3 million, which is more than most people make in three lifetimes.’

“It would all depend upon – this sounds so bad. Seriously, the people who know me know what a terrible mother hen I am when it comes to matching my fighters, but it would depend on the match. It would all depend on the match. I’m not gonna name who I would let him fight – well, it’s not up to me to let him fight or not – but who I would okay and who I wouldn’t.”

In a more recent interview with TMZ, Liddell was asked about the possibility of a return to the cage. In this interview, the MMA legend assured that he is still retired, but offered up a “we’ll see” when pressed for a more definitive answer.

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This article first appeared on on 5/8/2017.