Michael Page believes Mike Perry is feeling the pressure ahead of Saturday’s BKFC 27 event: “I think it’s a massive show of nerves”

By Harry Kettle - August 19, 2022

Michael Page thinks the fact Mike Perry being a fan of his is a sign of him ‘feeling the pressure’ heading into their BKFC 27 fight.

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When the bare-knuckle boxing match between Michael ‘Venom’ Page and Mike Perry was first announced, many couldn’t quite wrap their heads around it. Now, though, that we’re just over 24 hours away from it actually taking place, there’s a lot of excitement in the air with a lot of fans not really knowing what to expect.

Perry will be representing BKFC whereas Page will be representing Bellator, making for one of the more interesting combat sports crossovers of the last few years.

Page is viewed as someone who has superior striking as a result of his flashy style and in a recent interview, he noted that Perry’s appreciation of that style is what could prove to be his downfall.

“I think a lot of times it’s a massive show of nerves,” Page said. “And I think it’s a massive show of nerves because he is a fan of me. I’ve seen that from the first time I met him because he’s known about me for a very long time.

“He’s actually called me out, which I found out recently. He’s called me out before he went into the UFC. I’ve obviously been a highlight in his career for a long time, where I just heard of him. I’ve seen him because moreso from his personality than his actual fighting. And of course, I went and watched his fighting – typical tough guy, but great personality here.”

“He’s going to come forward and fight until they feel what I’m like in there, until they get frustrated, until they get hit with certain shots they didn’t think I would be able to land, then it changes,” Page said. “His personality will change.”

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Who you got – Michael Page or Mike Perry?


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