Mike Perry issues warning to Michael Page: “There’s going to be nothing you can do to get me off you”

By Fernando Quiles - July 10, 2022

Mike Perry has a stern warning for Michael “Venom” Page.

Mike Perry, BKFC

Perry and Page will collide under the BKFC banner on Aug. 20. The two are set for bare-knuckle action inside Wembley Arena in London, England.

A month before the big showdown, a press conference was held to hype up the card. During the presser, Perry told Page that he will be sticking to him like glue throughout the fight (h/t MMAJunkie.com).

“I don’t want to scare you away, ‘MVP,’” Perry said at the BKFC 27 pre-fight news conference. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to fight you. You have a great name, and you’ve had an awesome career.

“I’m going to break your hands with my forehead. I’m going to put pressure on you constantly, and there’s going to be nothing you can do to get me off you. I’m going to be constantly in your face throwing heat.”

Perry went on to say that this is the kind of fight that excites him given Page’s impressive highlight reel.

“I give the fight business real fights,” Perry said. “I go forward and put the pressure on. I take hits, but I eat them like candy. I’m looking forward to fighting ‘MVP.’ He’s got a surreal highlight reel.

“We both knock people unconscious. We’ve both had very entertaining careers. But the best fighters in the world, they don’t want no problem with me inside that ring, I guarantee you.”

Last month, “MVP” questioned Perry’s ability to reach his chin during an interview with MMAFighting.

“You can be the hardest hitter in the world, you have to land punches. It’s going to be difficult. He’s going to have somebody that’s consecutively landing cleaner strikes. So for him, it’s going to be very demoralizing, throwing punches, not landing and then having somebody hit him clean every other couple of seconds. As tough as he is, there’s a mental strain I usually put on my opponents until I find the win.”