Mike Perry suggests BKFC implement some new rules: “And 1 kick if you get a knockdown”

By Harry Kettle - April 27, 2022

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry has offered some suggestions to BKFC regarding new rules – aka the ‘Platinum Fight Club’.


Throughout the course of his time in combat sports, Mike Perry has never been shy to make some noise. Whether it be explosive knockouts in the cage or endless drama out of it, the 30-year-old has the kind of never-say-die attitude that means he’ll likely always be an entertaining watch.

That hasn’t always translated into wins but after a successful debut against Julian Lane in bare-knuckle boxing, it seems like ‘Platinum’ may well have found the perfect place for him to rejuvenate his career.

That is, if he’s allowed to push the limits a little bit.

The best word that can ever be used to describe Mike Perry is unpredictable. One minute he looks like he can go on and become an MMA world champion, and then the next you wonder how he hasn’t managed to get himself into some serious trouble.

Perry throws caution to the wind and lives life how he wants to live it which, in many ways, is incredibly admirable.

Sure, BKFC aren’t going to put things like this into the rulebook, but getting the chance to climb inside the mind of this man every so often is always fun.

What do you think of Mike Perry’s set of rules?


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