Sean Strickland slams Diego Sanchez and BKFC following Austin Trout fight: “At some point you gotta look in the mirror”

By Fernando Quiles - February 19, 2023

Sean Strickland has once again taken to social media to ruffle some feathers.

Sean Strickland

Strickland was well aware of Diego Sanchez’s fourth-round TKO loss to former WBA super-welterweight titleholder Austin Trout in a bare-knuckle boxing showdown this past Friday night. Sanchez and Trout collided at BKFC Knucklemania 3 inside the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, N.M.

Going into the fight, Sanchez told’s Cole Shelton on “Just Scrap Radio” that he wanted to use his aggression to land punches on Trout.

“The bottom line is this, in BKFC you have to get off first and be aggressive. I have to get in there and take care of business,” Sanchez said. “I’m not going in there to box with him, I’m going to make this shit nasty and I’m going to make it ugly and I’m going to be a nightmare in there man. I’m going to be all over his ass from the minute the fight starts to the minute that they stop the fight. It’s going to be a stoppage or a knockout. I’m not going to let up and if he thinks he is going to counter me with a jab or a weak straight left, nah, that shit ain’t happening.”

Ultimately, Trout proved to be the more elusive fighter, and he didn’t let Sanchez get on the inside too often. Sanchez tried blitzing Trout, but he was simply outmatched in the striking game. Ultimately, the fight was stopped in the fourth round based on the advice of the doctor, and Trout emerged victorious via TKO.

Sean Strickland hopped on his Twitter account to make it clear that he’s not a fan of Sanchez fighting under the BKFC banner.

“When will beating up @DiegoSanchezUFC be treated as beating up a retard lmao. At some point you gotta look in the mirror and think ‘I just fucked up a mentally ill man’ lol!!!! @bareknucklefc = POS… CLOWN SHOW….”

Diego Sanchez is now winless in his last three combat sports outings. The other two bouts were contested under MMA rules, which ended up being losses to Kevin Lee and Jake Matthews.


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