Jake Paul reignites feud with Dana White over PFL comments: “The UFC is falling!”

By Josh Evanoff - December 15, 2023

PFL star Jake Paul is firing shots at Dana White just hours ahead of his boxing return.

Dana White and Jake Paul

‘The Problem Child’ is currently expected to return to the ring later tonight in Orlando. Back for the first time since a unanimous decision victory over Nate Diaz in August, Jake Paul will face Andre August. The 10-1-1 pro boxer is a big underdog for the contest, but one has to figure that names such as Dana White will be cheering him on.

Despite Jake Paul’s prior comments about becoming a world champion boxer, he is currently signed to the PFL. That January signing was a massive deal, and his MMA debut is slated for late 2024 as of now. While the MMA promotion hopes to rival the UFC soon, Dana White doesn’t buy into that talk.

The UFC executive spoke about the PFL and their buyout of Bellator at a press conference earlier this month. There, Dana White slammed both companies and made it clear that he didn’t take the Donn Davis-led company very seriously. In the eyes of Jake Paul, his comments were made out of vulnerability.

Jake Paul spoke about Dana White’s recent comments in a press scrum after weighing in last night. There, the PFL star stated that he feels that the promoter is worried. He claimed that the UFC weren’t making any more big fights, while also referencing the exit of Francis Ngannou.  Much like Paul, ‘The Predator’ is slated to make his promotional debut next year. However, his opponent hasn’t been named as of now.


Jake Paul

Jake Paul gives a thumbs up to the camera (Getty Images)

Jake Paul takes aim at Dana White over PFL-Bellator sale comments

“It’s a massive deal. Of course, Dana is going to say that to protect his business but the UFC is falling,” Jake Paul stated in a recent press scrum, reacting to Dana White’s recent comments about the PFL-Bellator sale. “What big fights are they putting on? Their biggest star and heavyweight champion of their organization came to the PFL for better opportunities. The fighters are going where the better opportunities are.”

He continued, “That’s what 2023 and 2024 is all about. The PFL is the best place for fighters. So you know, ESPN is crushing it, massive numbers. They just keep on getting bigger and bigger, new investments infused into the company. So, [there are] just massive plans, massive things going on.”

Jake Paul concluded, “Dana White’s concerned trust me.”

Jake Paul’s mention of “massive plans” could potentially be Francis Ngannou vs. Deontay Wilder. In recent months, ‘The Predator’ and ‘The Bronze Bomber’ have shown interest in facing off in the PFL cage. However, the former boxing champion did book a March clash against Anthony Joshua earlier this week, putting the MMA contest on ice.

What do you make of these comments from Jake Paul? Do you agree with ‘The Problem Child’ or Dana White? Will the PFL one day rival the UFC?