Jake Paul shares his thoughts on the minimum salary a UFC fighter should receive in 2023

By Harry Kettle - August 17, 2023

Jake Paul has given his thoughts on the current UFC fighter pay situation and what their minimum salary should be.


While Jake Paul may be a pro boxer, he’s also taken a keen interest in the fighter pay issue in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He’s of the belief that they aren’t getting paid enough, which is a position held by many fans and pundits alike.


Despite that, UFC president Dana White doesn’t seem interested in budging on the issue. When asked about what his current stance is on the matter during a podcast appearance, ‘The Problem Child’ had the following to say.

“I don’t hate him either, I just want him to pay fighters more,” Paul said. “You know, now that the company is making billions of dollars a year, and the fighters are only getting 15 percent of it. That’s really where all of it stems from, is wanting higher fighter pay and long-term health care for the fighters.

Paul’s UFC frustrations

“Obviously, we’ve gotten into these exchanges that muddies the purpose of why I’ve argued with him. You know, he throws out the fights are rigged, he’s on steroids; then I say something back about him being bald and ugly. It gets too messy and then we start going back and forth.”
“The fighter minimum in the UFC is $12,500. It should be at least $50,000,” Paul said. “If they made it $50,000, that would change the smaller fighters’ lives in a big, big, big way. They wouldn’t have to work other jobs, they could afford gym fees, they could afford the proper food. Right now, they’re working other jobs barely scraping by.

“If they changed the fighter minimum to $50,000, it would only cost the UFC $20 million per year. But that $20 million would be going into the smaller fighters’ pockets and it’s a world of a difference. Meanwhile, they’re making $3 billion.”

Quotes via MMA Junkie

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