Bryce Hall lays out three-fight plan to return to influencer boxing that ends with KSI bout

By Cole Shelton - August 10, 2023

Bryce Hall isn’t done fighting in influencer boxing.

Bryce Hall

Hall made his influencer boxing debut back in June of 2021 when he took on YouTuber Austin McBroom. In the lead-up to the fight, Hall was oozing with confidence, but it was McBroom who wound up winning by third-round TKO.

Bryce Hall hasn’t fought since, but he’s set to take on Gee Perez at BKFC 48 in a bare-knuckle fight which surprised many. Although he’s focused on his BFKC fight, Hall says he will 100 percent fight in influencer boxing again.

“Oh yeah. I’m 100 percent going to step back into influencer boxing,” Hall said on Just Scrap Radio on “Obviously, depending on the result of this fight, I get to pick and choose. Being an 0-1 boxer, I can’t go after the names that I want to fight. But, if I win this fight, or even step in and get the credibility of doing a bare-knuckle fight, I can basically pick any influencer I want.”

With Bryce Hall wanting to get back into influencer boxing, he says he won’t be one of the influencers that try and make boxing their new job.

Instead, Hall says he wants to do three fights and then get out completely. He laid out that plan in the interview, which includes his final fight coming against KSI.

“I want to do three more influencer boxing matches and then I’m done unless another makes sense obviously. I have three people that I want to fight before I quit the sport,” Hall said. “A lot of influencers are attempting to be full-on professional fighters, I guess it’s like a new lane for the influencer scene. I just make f*****g videos and I’m an entertainer. I try and dip my toes in every form of entertainment. I’m doing this as an entertainment aspect. I have these three guys that I just want to beat all their asses and then be done with the shit. Deji, KSI, and Austin McBroom, I want that rematch, not on his card. I want to do those three people and then I’m done.”

Although Bryce Hall wants to box Deji, Austin McBroom, and KSI, he says he doesn’t care about the order in which he boxes them. But he does believe it makes the most sense to rematch McBroom, then face Deji, and ends his career by boxing KSI.

“It just depends, I feel like the outcome of this fight all depends on who is my next fight. If it’s a flawless performance, shit, KSI, let’s do that first. But, I also feel like he thinks he’s this weird anime supervillain. He talks about him like he’s in an anime. Maybe I treat him as such and he’s the mob boss and he’s the last one. Then, I go for Austin first as like my real redemption. After watching Austin’s past two performances, it would end the same way. I would actually knock him out, not like a stupid bullshit stoppage, it would be an actual knockout. Then, Deji, even though I respect the guy. To just get beat KSI’s little brother, alright KSI, mob boss let’s go,” Bryce Hall concluded.

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