Logan Paul vows to “slaughter” Dillon Danis in the boxing ring or the courtroom

By Cole Shelton - September 27, 2023

Logan Paul is ready to beat Dillon Danis, whether it’s in the boxing ring or the courtroom.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

Paul and Danis are set to box on Oct. 14 in Manchester, England on the Misfits boxing card. Logan was worried that Danis wouldn’t show up so there was a pullout clause put in the contract, so if ‘El Jefe’ backed out he would have to pay Paul $100,000.

Although the clause was in the contract, Dillon Danis has been vocal that he will show up. But, if he doesn’t, Logan Paul is ready to fight Mike Perry and will later proceed to “slaughter” Danis in the courtroom instead of the boxing ring.

“I would prefer that he shows up,” Paul said on The MMA Hour. “If he doesn’t, I will be more than happy to handle Mike Perry. It won’t feel like a letdown. I’ll let Nina handle him in court. We’re going to slaughter him either way.”

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Of course, Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal is suing Dillon Danis after the Bellator fighter posted hundreds of photos of Agdal, including some private ones. If he does pull out, Paul is ready to support his fiancee and her lawsuit against Danis.

“You picked a fight with a woman, [and] she’s standing up for herself. You got to sleep in that bed. Not my lawsuit, buddy, that’s hers. But you gotta deal with me,” Paul said.

However, the hope for Logan Paul is Dillon Danis makes the fight so he can KO him. Then, after he KO’s him, Nina Agdal can win her lawsuit against Danis to only add to the end of the Bellator fighter.

“I don’t [regret choosing him],” Paul said. “I mean, ask me on October 15th. But I really just feel like when I connect that right hand to his face in the cleanest way possible, and I watch him crumble, and I tower over him with my hand in the air, and it’s the most glorious knockout, the crowd goes crazy, that people have ever seen, that feels like it’s going to be worth it to me. And then we’re gonna see the slow decline and downfall of Dillon Danis.”


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