Oscar De La Hoya slams Ryan Garcia for “still crying” about the post-fight presser: “THAT is the reason you lost”

By Harry Kettle - June 2, 2023

Oscar De La Hoya has slammed Ryan Garcia over some members of his team not appearing for the post-fight press conference after his loss to Gervonta Davis.

Oscar De La Hoya, Ryan Garcia

Last month, Ryan Garcia failed to overcome Gervonta Davis as he was stopped in their blockbuster boxing collision. It was a match-up that many had been craving, and when we got it, the contest certainly didn’t disappoint.

In equal measure, though, fans were certainly interested to hear what ‘King’ Ryan had to say in the aftermath of the bout. He was particularly critical of his team, believing that some of them had abandoned him after the defeat.


That led us down the path of a heated interaction between Garcia and Oscar De La Hoya, a man who had been with him throughout large spells of his career.


De La Hoya: “Wtf @RyanGarcia it’s been almost two months and youre sill crying about the post presser? The blame for your loss is own YOU and your “advisor” Lupe. He is the only one who pushed you to accept the INSANE rehydration clause and THAT is the reason you lost. Man up. Own that.”

Garcia: “Okay buddy, you got it all figured out. Tired of you disrespecting my whole career and you think non of it matters. Loyalty and common sense is lost in your head. Stop treating people that way and think they will just accept it.”

De La Hoya vs Garcia

De La Hoya: “Also you keep saying “tanks team offered more support for you” blah blah blah. Bro they SET YOU UP TO LOSE with that rehydration clause and most importantly…AL HAYMON DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP THE ENTIRE WEEK. Actually, he NEVER shows up. How’s that for “support”???”

Garcia: “You know I’m about to fight this guy. And you go act buddy buddy with him.. You don’t care about your fighters. Really tired of this fake act!! STOP THE CAP BE REAL FOR ONCE MAN. I can respect you more if you just told me the truth, you’re in it for the cash. No love lost.”

Who do you side with? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!


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