Exclusive: Surprise! Tyson Fury goes full Steve Aoki at Jon Nutt’s Fight Circus birthday party

By Andrew Whitelaw - June 12, 2023

Tyson Fury ensured that Jon Nutt had a birthday to remember at Fight Circus Vol. 7: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Sausages in Thailand this weekend.

In a tradition made famous by DJ powerhouse Steve Aoki, the WBC Heavyweight champion ensured the Full Metal Dojo founder’s special day was one he’d not soon forget as he launched a massive birthday cake into the American’s face. The mad set of events wowed a colorful audience comprised of little people in fancy dress, drunken expats, UFC veteran Tommy Hayden…And Bob Sapp.

FC 7 has been shrouded in mystery. Yet to even air, all that is known is that it was put together in a hurry, and features a legendary cameo from the baddest man on the planet not named Jon Jones.


Appearances from combat sports icons at other promotions is becoming something of a trend. It was pretty cool when Conor McGregor showed up at the BKFC in Denver. It was absolutely bonkers though when Tyson Fury showed up at Fight Circus on an Island off the coast of Thailand.


Fight Circus was born in the pandemic and really should have been a one off. But now on their 7th show, the promotion is crushing it. It went viral for Nutt’s, 2 vs 1 bout at FC V; has gotten shout outs from the likes of Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer, featured former UFC champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in their previous main event and now they with the likes of Tyson Fury showing up, seemingly just for the LOL’s.

The promotion has become a real life Enter the Dragon style fight show – but without the heroine.
Having given us such such legendary entertainment as ‘the Wheel of violence,’ and ‘Siamese boxing,’ it’s hard to know what on earth FC will do next. After somehow roping in arguably the greatest boxing heavyweight that ever lived to be a part of the festivities, we reached out to Mr. Nutt to get his take,
“He was really thrilled to see Bob Sapp. The two got along like BFF’s,” said Nutt via whatsapp of Tyson Fury.
“Tyson Fury and his whole team had a blast. He has an MC that travels with them named Brian. After I sang the Thai Anthem. He came in to one up me with God Save the Queen. Which was epic. Tyson’s walk out was so much fun with all the ninja midgets and clowns. When he got in the ring I told him that although He’s the Gypsy King. I’m the Thai Gypsy King and he needs to prove himself in our feudal system by fighting in the ways of our Thai Four Father’s. Eating, Drinking, and Singing Karaoke!! He grabbed the mic and gave me praise before ripping a sweet rendition of American Pie that got the whole crowd pumping,” added Nutt.
“He (Tyson Fury) was legit. A great singer. A great showman. And a great cake to face smasher. I couldn’t hear shit after. I was truly worried something had gone very wrong. I was concerned that I took this one too far. Why can’t I hear?!? But then it was brought to my attention that my ears were filled to the Max with Zombie Dust1212 Cake.”
All sounds like classic Jon Nutt and classic Fight Circus to us.
What do you make of Tyson Fury’s appearance at FC VII?


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