Alistair Overeem gives retirement timeline, reveals if he’ll fight in MMA again: “I’m very thankful”

By Josh Evanoff - October 3, 2022

Former UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem’s combat sports career is coming to a close.

Alistair Overeem

‘The Demolition Man’ has been out of action since his showdown with Alexander Volkov in February 2021. In that bout, Overeem was dominated, and lost by second-round knockout. The defeat snapped a two-fight winning streak for the 42-year-old.

Following the loss, the former title challenger was released from the UFC. Despite rumors of Overeem joining Bellator for a showdown with Fedor Emelianenko, he instead signed to Glory Kickboxing. He’s currently set to face Badr Hari this weekend at Glory: Collision 4.

That showdown with Badr Hari will likely be one of the last times that Alistair Overeem competes. In an interview with The Underground, the 42-year-old gave a timeline for retirement. As it turns out, Overeem will likely only compete two or three more times.

As far as competing in MMA again, the former Strikeforce champion is uncommitted. While he was previously open to a showdown with ‘The Last Emperor’, Overeem isn’t sure if he will fight in the cage again.


PhotoCred: MMA Mania

“So, I do love grappling, I do love MMA. but think it’s just a more a complete art; striking, and grappling, and strength and conditioning. I like the less limitations,” Overeem said. “To answer your question, my goals are Badr, I’m gonna smash him, then I’m gonna smash Rico, and then, you know, maybe one more MMA. But for now, the goal is Badr and then Rico; get that belt.” (h/t MMA Mania)

“Maybe one more final [MMA] one.” He continued, “Because, of course, the MMA thing didn’t finish satisfactory for me. So, we also wanna finish that satisfactory, and I believe I have it in me.”

He concluded, “It will not be more than that. It will not be more than those potential two or three fights. So, it’s two or three, thank you very much, it’s been great. It’s literally been 25 to 26 years of competition. I’m very thankful that I took very well care of my body… But it will be a time for me to hang up the gloves and pass on my knowledge.”

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