Alistair Overeem reveals he’s injured, out of Rico Verhoeven GLORY kickboxing match

By Adam D Martin - October 6, 2021

Former UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem revealed that he is injured and out of the upcoming Rico Verhoeven GLORY kickboxing match.

Alistair Overeem, UFC on ESPN 8

Overeem was set to return to the kickboxing ring against Verhoeven on October 23, but the fight will no longer go down as planned. According to “The Demolition Man,” he has been dealing with an injury for a month. Unfortunately, he has had to pull out of the fight as he is now 100% healthy. Check out the full written statement from Overeem below.

“To the fans.. I deeply regret that I have to pull out of the fight against Rico Verhoeven Oct 23th. I’ve never pulled out a fight before and trust me, this decision was hard to make. I’ve been dealing with the injury for over a month. Two days before the press conference, a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t even able to walk straight. After some treatment I felt much better. And since I’ve never been a quitter, I wasn’t going to quit now. I went back in camp. But… the injury got worse again and I could not even fulfill a complete training session,” Alistair Overeem said. “Yesterday my coaches, my medical team and myself had to make the decision to pull out. Oct 23 I was suppose to give the fans a show! I wanted to make sure that everybody in the arena and the ones at home watching, got what they came for; an entertaining high level fight. Even if I was at 90% now, or 80% maybe even, I would have gotten into that ring. But I’m at 40% and that’s not enough. Fighters get out there. We train hard, work hard. There’s a lot at stake. Our sport can get you injured. Not only in the ring, but unfortunately also in preparation. I hope to get some understanding from you guys. Will be back soon!” — Alistair Overeem


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