Alexander Volkanovski sends a message to Ilia Topuria after Aljamain Sterling loses at UFC 292

By Cole Shelton - August 21, 2023

Alexander Volkanovski has his sights set on Ilia Topuria.

Alex Volkanovski

Volkanovski was paying close attention to the UFC 292 main event, as Aljamain Sterling had said if he beat Sean O’Malley he was going to call out Volkanovski and fight for the featherweight title. It appeared the featherweight champ was interested in the fight, but Sterling suffered a second-round TKO loss to O’Malley to lose his belt.

Now, following UFC 292, Alexander Volkanovski believes the fight with Aljamain Sterling won’t happen as he had hoped.

“Gotta feel for ‘Aljo,’ man. I mean, what does he want to do? He’s definitely going to want that rematch. That’s a big, big fight, that’s not happening. You never know, if he would have had a big win he could have took Ilia’s spot but (he lost),” Volkanovski said his YouTube channel.

With Aljamain Sterling losing at UFC 292, Alexander Volkanovski says the plan is now to fight Ilia Topuria. He knows the Georgian has talked a lot of trash so he’s looking forward to shutting him up.

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“What’s next for me? ‘Aljo,’ if he was to win in world fashion and called his shot he could have stepped in front of Ilia. Ilia’s been pretty quiet. I thought he’d be chirping, wanting to make sure he gets that fight,” Alexander Volkanovski said. “Obviously, I want to fight as soon as possible. I’m able to do a fair bit [regarding the elbow]. I’m already able to post with it, I’m not punching with it yet but I will be. I’m staying fit, doing strength, doing everything I need to.

“I want to be back in there before the end of the year. Islam fighting, I want that rematch, but he’s fighting in October so I want to fight before then. I don’t want to fight early next year. If I was gonna wait that long, it may as well be Islam but I don’t want to wait that long. So, Ilia, keep running your mouth. I like it. Makes me want to punch you in the face even more,” Volkanovski concluded.

As of right now, it’s uncertain when Alexander Volkanovski will fight next, but he is set on the opponent being Ilia Topuria.


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