Alexa Grasso feels she was close to finishing Valentina Shevchenko a few times at Noche UFC, would prefer a fresh opponent next

By Fernando Quiles - September 17, 2023

Alexa Grasso isn’t opposed to a trilogy fight with Valentina Shevchenko, but she’d like a fresh face to share the Octagon with next.

Alexa Grasso punches Valentina Shevchenko at Noche UFC

Grasso remains the UFC women’s flyweight champion after a thrilling five-round war with Shevchenko in their Noche UFC rematch. There were plenty of exciting moments in the fight such as Grasso dropping “Bullet” in the second round, and Shevchenko squeezing down on a guillotine choke before her opponent popped free.

Of course, there’s the final round, which almost looked like déjà vu from the first bout where Grasso submitted Shevchenko. This go-around, time expired and the judges decided the outcome. The rematch was declared a split draw.

Alexa Grasso Comments Post-Noche UFC

TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter got a chance to interview Alexa Grasso backstage following the split draw. The 125-pound titleholder answered the question of whether or not she was confident that she’d retain her gold as the score totals were being read.

“Well yes, I did a knockdown, a pretty nice knockdown,” Grasso said. “I was able to almost finish the fight in submission a few minutes and a few times. I did a lot of submission attempts, and yes, that’s what I take from this fight. I gave everything I had.”

Grasso went on to discuss her preparation for “Bullet” leading up to the rematch.

“I prepared very well for everything,” Grasso said. “I was always focused, taking my time, choosing my shots, choosing my movements. Yeah, that was a great fight.”

Shevchenko Trilogy Or Fresh Opposition?

The Mexican star was then asked if she thinks a third fight against Valentina Shevchenko is in order given how close the rematch was.

“I don’t know, I have to talk with my coaches and with the UFC, and also with the public,” Grasso said. “If they want it, let’s do this. If not, I would like someone different too.”

Bronsteter then asked if a new opponent is Grasso’s preference. The champion admitted the following:

“Yeah, I think so,” Grasso said. “I’ve been two fights with her, it will be really cool to have another [opponent].”


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