Zhang Weili and Alexa Grasso seemingly agree to superfight at UFC 300: “Let’s do this!”

By Harry Kettle - December 19, 2023

Zhang Weili and Alexa Grasso have seemingly agreed to a superfight between them at UFC 300 next year.

Alexa Grasso and Zhang Weili

When you take a look at the most important fighters in women’s MMA today, Zhang Weili and Alexa Grasso are at the top of that list. They may not be the biggest stars, but they are the ones with the gold. They’ve done brilliantly to vault themselves into this championship position, and now, their big job is to stay there.

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Weili has been seen as a dominant force for a long time now. On the flip side, Grasso produced a massive upset against Valentina Shevchenko to become the new queen.

There’s been talk of a superfight between the champions of strawweight and flyweight for a while now. If this exchange is to be believed, then there’s a decent chance it could happen.

Weili and Grasso tease superfight

Weili: “Hi champion. Maybe the fans want to see us fight at UFC 300.”

Grasso: “I admire you so much! And I’d love to defend my title with you. Would you make 125?”

Weili: “Let’s work on it together. This will be a peak time.”

Grasso: “Let’s do this [fire emojis].”

There’s no denying that this would be an incredible bout between two fascinating fighters. In addition to that, some would argue that there are no standout challengers for either woman right now.

Regardless of which way you look at it, with UFC 300 being imminent, it wouldn’t be at all surprising for the promotion to pull the trigger on this.

Would you be interested in seeing Alexa Grasso battle Zhang Weili? If they do fight, who do you believe would be the winner, and how would they get it done? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!


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