Alexander Volkanovski slams ‘delusional’ Ilia Topuria: “Do you watch me fight?”

By Josh Evanoff - July 10, 2023

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski has some choice words for Ilia Topuria.

Alexander Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria.

‘The Great’ returned to the cage for yet another title defense against Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290. While ‘El Pantera’ held interim gold stemming from a destructive win over Josh Emmett in February, he was no match. In the pay-per-view headliner, Alexander Volkanovski dominated en route to a fourth-round knockout win.

Following the victory, he went cage side for a face-off with Ilia Topuria. ‘El Matador’ is fresh off his return last month at UFC Jacksonville against Josh Emmett. There, he scored one of the most dominant wins in MMA history, winning by a lopsided unanimous decision. Following the victory, Ilia Topuria called out Alexander Volkanovski, even offering to face him in Australia.

The featherweight contender has talked a big game, and he’ll likely get his chance to back it up later this year. On The MMA Hour, Alexander Volkanovski discussed a possible fight with Ilia Topuria. There, the champion admitted that he has no ill will toward the contender. However, he believes that he’s delusional if he legitimately believes he’ll beat him.


Alexander Volkanovski, Yair Rodriguez and UFC 290

“There’s confidence, and then there’s delusional,” Alexander Volkanovski stated on The MMA Hour when asked about Ilia Topuria. “I don’t mind the bloke, but I mean, yeah. Even with the things he says it’s, what he’s saying isn’t backed up, it just doesn’t make sense. He’s like, ‘Yeah I’d beat him first round because I did this’, like, have you watched me fight?”

He continued, “I don’t know what he’s talking about, but anyway. I don’t know [if he believes what he’s saying], I hope he believes that. Like, I’m sure he’s confident, I’m sure he believes he can beat me. Whether he just doesn’t know, maybe he’s just not good at explaining it properly. He’s not explaining in a way where it’s ever possible [that he could beat me], anyway.”

What do you make of these comments? Do you want to see Alexander Volkanovski vs. Ilia Topuria?


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