Alexandre Pantoja scolds Colby Covington for personal dig at Leon Edwards’ father: “That’s the most bullsh*t trash talking ever”

By Fernando Quiles - December 17, 2023

UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja thinks Colby Covington has crossed a line.

Alexandre Pantoja Colby Covington

Ahead of his UFC 296 title fight against welterweight champion Leon Edwards, Covington made things personal with “Rocky.” Covington vowed to drag his opponent to hell, and then said Edwards would be seeing his late father there. Edwards responded by throwing a bottle at Covington, and he clearly looked to be in a foul mood. Ultimately, Edwards defeated Covington via unanimous decision to retain the UFC Welterweight Championship.


Alexandre Pantoja Slams Colby Covington For Personal Digs

Alexandre Pantoja also competed on the UFC 296 card, successfully defending his flyweight gold against Brandon Royval in a rematch. During the post-fight press conference, Pantoja criticized Colby Covington for his remarks on Leon Edwards’ father (via MMAJunkie).

“I do not agree with everything Sean Strickland said, but this time, I’m with him,” Pantoja said. “He talked a lot, too. I don’t like when he talks about the family division. That’s the job for all the families. That’s a payment. Imagine if you’re talking about your job. That’s so disrespectful. … Why did Colby (Covington) say it? I think most fighters say that’s the most bullsh*t trash talking ever. I’m not really close with my father. I respect a lot Leon Edwards. Everything he’s doing for his family and his country.”

Following UFC 296, Covington told reporters that he doesn’t have a character. He insisted that what you see is what you get, and he doesn’t care how others feel about him. Edwards got emotional during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, mentioning how Covington used his father’s death for entertainment.

UFC CEO Dana White said that Edwards’ team remained heated at Colby even after the decision was read in favor of “Rocky.” White had to play peacemaker, as he said that things could’ve escalated to the point where the Nevada State Athletic Commission would’ve handed out fines.


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