Bellator 273 Results: Ryan Bader defeats Valentin Moldavsky (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - January 29, 2022

Tonight’s Bellator 273 event is headlined by a heavyweight title unification bout between Ryan Bader and Valentin Moldavsky.

Ryan Bader, Valentin Moldavsky, Bellator 273

Bader (28-7 MMA), the promotions reigning heavyweight champion, will be returning to the division for the first time in twenty-eight months. ‘Darth’ has spent his last three contests competing at light heavyweight, where he went 1-2, this while dropping the 205lbs title to Vadim Nemkov.

Meanwhile, Valentin Moldavsky (11-1 MMA) captured Bellator’s interim heavyweight title this past June, scoring a unanimous decision victory over Timothy Johnson. That win marked the 29-year-old’s sixth in a row.

Bellator 273, Ryan Bader, Valentin Moldavsky

Bellator 273 – Ryan Bader vs. Valentin Moldavsky

Round one of the Bellator 273 headliner begins and Moldavsky comes forward quickly with a right hand. Ryan Bader circles and then leaps in with a huge right hand of his own that connects. Valentin Moldavsky is rocked! ‘Darth’ looks to come in and unload more punches but Moldavsky is able to force the clinch. He scores a takedown and quickly moves to the back of his opponent. Bader scrambles back up to his feet but is quickly dragged back down the interim champ. Another scramble and this time Ryan Bader is back up to his feet. He is still pressed against the cage and eats a hard knee to the body from Valentin Moldavsky. ‘Darth’ returns fire with a knee of his own. The fighters break and Bader comes forward with another big right. He pushes Valentin up against the cage and now scores a takedown of his own. Twenty-five seconds remain. Moldavsky is looking to lock-up a kimura. Bader escapes and lands a nice right hand before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the Bellator 273 main event begins and Valentin Moldavsky quickly takes the center of the cage. He throws a left jab in the face of Bader and then comes over the top with a right. Ryan Bader throws a front kick that narrowly misses the jaw of his opponent. Both men are loading up on big strikes early here in round two. Bader shoots for a takedown and pushes Valentin up against the cage. He lands a knee but it hits low and to the groin of the interim champ. We have a brief break so that Valentin Moldavsky can recover and then restart. Moldavsky forces Bader up against the fence. He scoops ‘Darth’ up and gets a big takedown. Knees to the body now from Valentin. Bader is looking to scramble back up but as soon as he does he’s planted back down. Good right hands now from Moldavsky. He switches back to kneeing the body of Ryan Bader. Twenty seconds remain. ‘Darth’ attempts to explode but can’t. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the Bellator 273 headliner begins and Valentin Moldavsky comes forward with a big combination. He pushes Ryan Bader up against the cage and then begins to work on a takedown attempt. ‘Darth’ is doing a good job of defending so far. Valentin gets him down but only for a second. The heavyweights continue to work up against the fence. Good knees now from Bader. I believe that was his first bit of offense of the round. Valentin Moldavsky scores a late takedown and quickly moves to the back of Ryan Bader. He begins landing some short shots. One minute remains. More ground and pound from the interim champ. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the Bellator 273 main event begins and the heavyweights trade jabs to start. Ryan Bader forces the clinch but Valentin Moldavsky quickly breaks free. Bader with a low kick. He lands a nice right hand and then a left hook. Moldavsky responds with a combination of his own. He shoots for a takedown but Bader sprawls and stuffs the attempt. ‘Darth’ reverses the position and then lands a big takedown of his own. He cruises out the round in top position while landing some good ground and pound.

The fifth and final round of the Bellator 273 main event begins and both men are hunting for a takedown early. Neither man has been able to get one yet. Ryan Bader lands a nice right. Valentin Moldavsky shoots for a takedown but it is not there. Bader catches him with a counter right hand. He lands a left hook now. Moldavsky shoots and this time is able to score a takedown. This could prove to be huge. He looks to take the back of ‘Darth’ and does. Bader works his way back to this feet but is quickly dragged back down to the canvas. Ryan Bader once again gets back up but the interim champ is still draped all over him along the fence. One minute remains. Bader lands some elbows while pinned against the fence. Thirty seconds to go now. Valentin scoops Bader up and slams him down to the canvas. The horn sounds to end the fight.

Official Bellator 273 Result: Ryan Bader def. Valentin Moldavsky by unanimous decision (48-47 x3)

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