Benoit Saint Denis accuses the Nurmagomedov family of being “loaded like mules”

By Susan Cox - December 13, 2023

Benoit Saint Denis is accusing the Nurmagomedov family of being ‘loaded like mules’.

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Saint Denis, speaking with ‘Le Figaro‘ had this to say about the Nurmagomedov clan:

“Concerning the Nurmagomedov family, for example, I no longer have any doubt: they are loaded like mules.  They are intelligent in the way they do drugs, but they know how to do it very well. Makhachev was busted with meldonium, for example. It is a product which led to the entire Russian federation being sanctioned and withdrawn from the 2016 Olympic Games. The current UFC lightweight champion was caught in 2016!”

Continuing, the 27-year-old lightweight contender, Benoit Saint Denis, elaborated saying:

“The problem is that it is a business sport and a spectator sport. The UFC is an American organization. Americans don’t have the same relationship with hormones and doping as we do. For example, for basketball players and American football there is ‘off season’ and ‘on season’. The guys will only play for six months, and for the other six they will prepare for the season; there, they will have periods where they will not be subject to controls, and where they will unfortunately have freedom of products. This is something that existed in the UFC before the partnership with USADA, which arrived in 2016. All the monsters who were there before, even if they stopped the products and lost many of the positive effects, keep traces of them in the body. It is modified, a bit like RNA with the Covid vaccine. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror at the end of my career. If that doesn’t allow me to take the final steps, so be it. I will have stayed clean.”

It was the undefeated Usman Nurmagomedov (17-0 MMA), cousin of Khabib, who tested positive for banned substances early last month after his victory over Brent Primus (12-3 MMA) at Bellator 300.

Concluding ‘God of War’ stated he pursues a career without doping:

“Now I will always have my conscience to myself. Faith helps me a lot. If I pursued a career with doping, I would betray my faith, my family, the values ​​in which I believe. This is unacceptable. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror at the end of my career. If that doesn’t allow me to take the final steps, so be it. I will have stayed clean. The most important thing for me is to remain a trustworthy person for my friends, my family, and to be able to educate my children with values ​​in which I believe. In any case, glory is fleeting. I will go as far as I can with my weapons. Natural weapons; intellectualize my discipline as much as possible, and have fun.”

As for Benoit Saint Denis (13-1 MMA), he most recently fought and defeated Matt Frevola (11-4 MMA) via knockout this past November at UFC 295 (see that here).

What do you think of the Frenchman’s claims that the Nurmagomedov family is ‘loaded like mules’?

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