Bob Sapp and Rampage Jackson emerge victorious in wild Siamese boxing match at Fight Circus 6 (Video)

By Fernando Quiles - April 2, 2023

Bob Sapp and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson teamed up for a Siamese boxing match at Fight Circus 6 and it was quite the spectacle.

Quinton Rampage Jackson Bob Sapp

Jackson and Sapp took on promoter Jon Nutt and Woody in Phuket, Thailand this weekend. Things went off the rails quickly in hilarious fashion, as one would expect. Jackson and Sapp landed a knockdown in the first round. In the second stanza, however, “Rampage” and Sapp delivered some punches to the referees. One official wasn’t about to take this lying down, as he pushed “Rampage” and Sapp to the corner and even went for a single-leg takedown on Jackson.

WrestleMania eat your heart out.

Jackson and Sapp ultimately emerged victorious via third-round TKO. It was quite the spectacle, but that wasn’t the only eye-catching match at Fight Circus 6. Two unnamed gentlemen took on Walter John Veale, who proceeded to powerbomb both men and win the bout in mere seconds. Needless to say, the sheer power of Veale was not to be trifled with on this night.

Here are the full Fight Circus 6 results courtesy of

Rampage Jackson & Bob Sapp def. Woody and Jon Nutt — TKO (0:37 Rd 3)
Sativa & Indica def. Souris Manfredi — Split decision 29-28, 30-28, 28-29
Steve Banks def. Petz & The Gang — Banks two rounds to 1
Grab Driver def. Food Panda — Decision (unread scores)
Ping & Ploy def. Fernie & Kristina (tug of war) — 0:27
Joel Fratello def. Kushal Vyas — KO (2:00 Rd 3)
Two more guys fighting that they don’t even tell us their names in blindfolded boxing action. Grey Shorts def. Black Shorts — KO (2:18 Rd 2)
Walter John Veale def. two unnamed dudes — KO (slams 0:12 Rd 1)
Yellow Shorts def. Pink Shorts (they didn’t say their names) — KO (1:40 Rd 3)
Campbell Symes def. Kyoken Tampiyanan — TKO (0:43 Rd 1)

Rampage Jackson & Bob Sapp vs. Jon Nutt & Woody Highlights

Below are video highlights of “Rampage” Jackson and Sapp vs. Jon Nutt and Woody, as well as Veale bodyslamming two far smaller dudes.


Bob Sapp Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson