Bobby Green explains why he has no interest in fighting “terrible f*****g fighter” Arman Tsarukyan

By Cole Shelton - November 21, 2023

Bobby Green doesn’t have an interest in a potential fight with Arman Tsarukyan down the line.

Bobby Green and Arman Tsarukyan

In the main event of UFC Austin, Tsarukyan is set to take on Beneil Dariush, while the co-main event sees Green take on Dan Hooker. With two lightweight fights atop the card, there is a chance they get matched up with one another in the future.

However, if Bobby Green wins, he says even if Arman Tsarukyan beats Dariush, he doesn’t have any interest in that fight. According to Green, he says he wants to fight exciting fights and doesn’t think Tsarukyan is anywhere close to being exciting.

“I’d say, I got a lot of people that want my name, a lot of people that want to fight me. A lot of people are saying they want to go down now all of a sudden I’m hot,” Green said to The Schmo. “Would I want to fight those guys? That Arman guy’s f*****g boring. I can’t stand watching him fight. Every time I watch him fight, I go to sleep. Then he calls out, 50 Gs! Dana, give me 50 Gs! I’m like, for what?

“What did you do? That was terrible! I don’t like to fight the boring guys. Those guys f*****g suck. That’s just f*****g weird. Those guys are weird. I respect Beneil, and the work Beneil has put in, I like Beneil but that Arman guy, he’s a terrible f*****g fighter. I already had to do that with Dawson and Dawson was a sleeper. Man, I don’t wanna keep fighting the boring guys. Those guys suck,” Green continued.

As of right now, Arman Tsarukyan hasn’t responded to Bobby Green’s comments saying he’s boring and a terrible fighter. But, with the two being on the same card at UFC Austin, Tsarukyan will likely be asked about it.


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