UFC 290 Results: Alexandre Pantoja defeats Brandon Moreno (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 8, 2023

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC 290 results, including the co-main event title fight between Brandon Moreno and Alexandre Pantoja.

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Moreno (21-7-2 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since January’s UFC 283 event, where he defeated Deiveson Figueiredo by TKO and unified the Flyweight Championship. Prior to that, ‘The Assassin Baby’ had earned the promotion‘s interim flyweight title by stopping Kai Kara-France at UFC 277.

Alexandre Pantoja (26-5 MMA) will enter his first career UFC title fight sporting a three-fight win streak, his most recent being a submission victory over Alex Perez. ‘The Cannibal’ has gone 7-2 over his past nine Octagon appearances, which includes a unanimous decision victory over Moreno back in 2018.

Round one of the UFC 290 co-main event begins and Pantoja comes forward quickly with a big flurry. Brandon Moreno is back up against the cage. The fighters clinch and Moreno is able to switch positions. He drops for a takedown but can’t get it. He continues to keep Alexandre Pantoja pressed up against the fence. The flyweights break and Pantoja lands a nice knee on the exit. Moreno with a nice combination. The challenger dives for a takedown, but it is not there. ‘The Assassin Baby’ with another good combination from the outside. Alexandre Pantoja counters with a left and Moreno goes down. He jumps on the champ and looks to lockup a crucifix. Moreno avoids and looks to scramble. He gets back up to his feet but is now sporting a cut over his right eye. The fighters trade shots in the pocket. Pantoja with another big punch. He goes to the body with an uppercut. Moreno replies with a jab. Pantoja with a high kick. He slips but gets back up and pushes Brandon Moreno up against the cage. He looks for a trip takedown but the champ stays on his feet. Round one comes to an end.

Round two of the UFC 290 co-main event begins and Alexandre Pantoja comes forward with a big combination. Brandon Moreno replies with a good right hand and then a stiff jab. The challenger shoots for a takedown but it is not there. He throws out a weak back fist that partially connects. The fight hits the floor and Moreno moves to take the back. He is looking for a rear-naked choke. The challenger escapes and gets back up to his feet. Moreno is pressing the action here. Pantoja definitely appears to have slowed down here in round two. Alexandre is bleeding now. Moreno continues to pepper him with the jab. Pantoja answers with one of his own. The champ with a big combination but Pantoja counters with a big left. A wild flurry spells an end to another fantastic round of action.

Round three of the UFC 290 co-headliner begins and the fight hits the floor early. Alexandre Pantoja takes the back of Brandon Moreno and looks to secure a rear-naked choke. Moreno is doing a good job of fighting the hands. The fighters continue to battle from the position. ‘The Assassin Baby’ scrambles and takes top position. He lands a couple of punches, and the fight returns to the feet. Moreno with a combination that ends in a high kick. Pantoja’s face is a bloody mess now. Still, he continues to stand and trade with Moreno. The challenger shoots in for a takedown and gets it. He looks to advance to side control but ends up losing the position. Now it is Brandon Moreno on top. Alexandre Pantoja with some terrific slicing elbows from off of his back. That allows him to get back up to his feet. Pantoja with a nice low kick to end the round.

Round four of the UFC 290 co-main event begins and these flyweight warriors are back to standing and trading. Brandon Moreno continues to seemingly land his jab at will. He lands a nice combination. A big standing elbow from the champ. Alexandre Pantoja dives for a takedown and gets it. ‘The Assassin Baby’ scrambles back to his feet, but quickly gets taken down again. Pantoja looks to move to side control. He ends up taking the back of the Mexican champion. The fight is on the feet but Alexandre maintains back position. Just over a minute remains in the round. Pantoja drags Moreno back down to the floor. The champ scrambles and is able to take top position. Pantoja kicks his way back to his feet and lands a nice right hand. Moreno replies with a good standing elbow at the horn.

The fifth and final round of the UFC 290 co-main event begins and Brandon Moreno looks to establish his jab early. The fighters swing wild shots in the pocket. Moreno got the better of that exchange. Pantoja charges forward and lands a good left hand. Both men with nice left hands. Alexandre Pantoja looks to close the distance but eats a pair of left hands. He shoots for a takedown and gets it. Two minutes remain in the contest. Pantoja takes the back. Moreno stands up but Alexandre has him backpacked. The challenger is trying to soften up the champion with punches from the position. 30 seconds remain. Pantoja is working hard for a choke now. He lets that go and goes back to landing punches.

Official UFC 290 Result: Alexandre Pantoja def. Brandon Moreno by split decision (46-49, 48-47, 48-47)

Who would you like to see Pantoja fight next following his title-earning victory over Moreno this evening in Sin City?


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