Anthony Smith explains why Brock Lesnar vs. Jim Miller is a 50/50 fight

By Josh Evanoff - January 10, 2024

UFC light-heavyweight contender Anthony Smith doesn’t sound so hot on a Brock Lesnar return.

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Over the last few months, there have been murmurs of a return to the octagon for the WWE superstar. Brock Lesnar hasn’t competed since a decision win over Mark Hunt in July 2016. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that he could return in April, at the historic milestone event, UFC 300.

However, it seems that Anthony Smith isn’t super hot on the idea. Speaking in a recent edition of his ‘Believe You Me’ Podcast alongside Michael Bisping, they discussed a potential Brock Lesnar return. In the discussion, the two joked that he could fight Jim Miller. Yes, the lightweight.

‘A-10’ is currently slated to return to the octagon this Saturday at UFC Vegas 84, against Gabriel Benitez. However, Jim Miller has been heavily linked to the milestone UFC 300 event in April. Dana White has even confirmed plans to add the longtime lightweight to the card in the future. As of now, he has no set opponent but has shown interest in fighting Tony Ferguson, and Matt Brown.

Regardless, of the massive, massive size difference between the two, Anthony Smith believes a fight between Brock Lesnar and Jim Miller would be competitive. Speaking on his podcast, ‘Lionheart’ stated that the lightweight could catch the WWE star on the ground in an exchange. Although, he noted that he just has a lot of love for Miller, making him a bit biased.


Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith believes Brock Lesnar vs. Jim Miller is a 50/50 fight

“Not two. 1, maybe?” Anthony Smith responded to Michael Bisping when asked how many versions of Jim Miller that Brock Lesnar could beat at one time. “If Jim gets ahold of his neck or something. Maybe [Lesnar could beat Miller], I think that’s a 50/50. If Brock Lesnar lands big, Jim Miller goes to sleep and dies.”

He continued, “I’m not sure that I would [bet on Lesnar to beat Miller in a hypothetical fight]. I’m, maybe I have so much love for Jim Miller that I can’t imagine him not catching Brock Lesnar in a submission. That guy is nasty on the ground. Definitely Jim Miller [wins] on the street.”

At UFC Vegas 64 media day later in the week, Miller responded to Smith’s comments. While he didn’t seem as hot on his chances as ‘Lionheart’, he responded:

“It’d be scary as s*it! But I would walk to the octagon knowing that my bank account would get a big bump…I could kimura Brock Lesnar, I know I could… Yeah, I appreciate the push. Yeah, we’ll take it. 50/50.”

What do you make of these comments from Anthony Smith? Do you agree with ‘Lionheart’? How do you think a hypothetical fight between Brock Lesnar and Jim Miller would go?


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