Daniel Cormier reveals conversation with Brock Lesnar after booking UFC 200 return: “Merry Christmas”

By Josh Evanoff - January 11, 2024

Daniel Cormier believes UFC 300 could use a Christmas miracle, in the form of Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar, Daniel Cormier

Fans are just a few months away from seeing the historic milestone UFC 300 event. As of now, there are various fighters attached, including a title fight between Weili Zhang and Yan Xiaonan. However, there is no current main event, or big attraction slated for the card. Some believe that could come in the form of Brock Lesnar.

The former heavyweight champion famously fought at UFC 100, defeating Frank Mir. Brock Lesnar also fought on the UFC 200 card, alongside names such as Daniel Cormier. In the co-main event, the WWE star defeated Mark Hunt. Earlier on the main card, ‘DC’ defeated Anderson Silva by unanimous decision.

Speaking on the DC and RC Podcast, Daniel Cormier discussed the possibility of Brock Lesnar’s return. There, he didn’t make any predictions but noted that the event could use a big boost. With a name like Lesnar added to the card, that would be a big boost for everyone. That is exactly what happened in July 2016.

The WWE superstar himself is aware of that fact. Speaking on his podcast, Daniel Cormier revealed a phone call he received from Brock Lesnar the night his UFC 200 return was announced. Suffice it to say, both men were happy with the announcement. For the sake of fighters in April, ‘DC’ hopes that they get to have the same joy.


Daniel Cormier in the cage

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier reveals conversation with Brock Lesnar following UFC 200 announcement

“UFC 200 was headlined by Amanda Nunes and Miesha Tate.” Daniel Cormier stated on his podcast earlier this week. “Granted, I fought Anderson Silva on there, Jose Aldo fought Frankie Edgar, Brock Lesnar fought. So, while they were the headline, Brock Lesnar headlined that fight card. Even from the co-main event.”

He continued, “It was supposed to me and [Jon] Jones. But Jones obviously fell out… But I do agree in the sense that we need an attraction. We need an attraction, for that fight night. I remember Brock calling me, the night his fight was announced. He said ‘Merry Christmas DC’, because he knew we were going to sell a ton of pay-per-views. He was like ‘Merry Christmas to you and your family’. But it’s like, we need an attraction.”

“The moment Brock was on the card [it became much bigger], even though it was me and Jones. We were on Good Morning America and everything else, it needed a little bit more,” Daniel Cormier concluded. “It’s one of those big cards, and you need something a little more than just title fights. The event needs to feel bigger than something we see over the course of the year. I think you got to bring somebody back.”

What do you make of these comments from Daniel Cormier? Do you agree with ‘DC’? Or do you believe that the UFC 300 card will be fine without stars such as Brock Lesnar?


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