Bruce Buffer reveals his dream location and venue for the UFC to host an event

By Cole Shelton - January 22, 2024

The UFC has been to plenty of countries and locations, but Bruce Buffer is hoping the promotion can check another country off the list soon.

Bruce Buffer

In recent years, the UFC has been able to host events in countries like China, France, Russia, and many other locations for the very first time. However, Buffer is hoping the promotion can soon check off Italy and hopes they can have the event at the Coliseum.

“Italy. I’d love to go to Italy whether it is in the Coliseum or not, Italy would be fantastic. I was really happy when we went to France. We have been all over the world, so I am open to any new experience we can have. But, I think Italy would be a really cool spot to go,” Buffer said on Just Scrap Radio on

Dana White did try to make Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg at the Coliseum in Rome, but whether or not he would put a UFC event there as Buffer wants is uncertain.

But the other venue that Bruce Buffer was hoping the UFC would go to will be checked off in September, which is The Sphere in Las Vegas. Buffer says he still hasn’t been inside The Sphere just yet but believes it will be a one-of-kind card and viewing experience for fans.

“We also have to look forward to The Sphere, that will be incredible,” Buffer said. “One thing about Dana, Dana is a Maverick, a master businessman running this organization with all the other people on his team, they are just breaking down barriers left and right. Let’s see what comes up. I’m game for anything…

“I was supposed to check it out when I was out there, but I have not yet. I will be at some point, but if I wait until we are there in September for Mexican Independence Day, as Dana said, then I may just want to wait until then and just experience the whole excitement and will take me to another level myself,” Buffer concluded.


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