Bryce Mitchell calls out Sean O’Malley to flat earth debate: “I have done a lot of research”

By Josh Evanoff - September 25, 2023

UFC fighters Sean O’Malley and Bryce Mitchell won’t fight in the cage, but maybe a debate will suffice.

For his part, ‘Thug Nasty’ returned to the cage over the weekend at UFC Vegas 79 against Dan Ige. There, Bryce Mitchell returned to the win column against ’50k’, scoring a unanimous decision victory. Days following the win, the featherweight contender sent a message to Sean O’Malley.

In the past, ‘Sugar’ has gone back and forth with Bryce Mitchell over a potential fight. However, things have previously gotten intense with the two, with Sean O’Malley famously slamming the Arkansas fighter’s intelligence. Part of the reason why, is that they disagree on the shape of the Earth.

On social media, Bryce Mitchell challenged Sean O’Malley to a debate on the shape of the Earth. At the same time, he apologized for their prior beef. Furthermore, the featherweight contender added that the debate should take place on the bantamweight champion’s podcast. As of now, the latter hasn’t commented on the callout.


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“Don’t think that I think that you’re stupid, that I think you’re gay, or whatever,” Bryce Mitchell stated on Instagram in a video message to Sean O’Malley. “I don’t care what people say about you, all I said was that your YouTube following couldn’t win you a fight, and I was wrong. You looked damn good that fight brother, you showed so much heart and courage. I want to take my words back, and I hope you can forgive me.”

He continued, “As a Christian, I have to admit when I’m wrong attacking somebody, and that was a bit of an attack, and it was unprovoked. I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me. Now, that being said, here’s my business proposal for you. Have me on your podcast, I’ll tell you how the Earth is flat. I’ll tell you all the proof of it, you won’t be able to beat me in an actual argument, a debate with facts. I’ve done a lot of research.”

What do you make of this challenge from Bryce Mitchell? Do you want to see him debate Sean O’Malley?


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