Bryce Mitchell reacts following brutal knockout loss to Josh Emmett at UFC 296

By Fernando Quiles - December 17, 2023

Bryce Mitchell has spoken out on his UFC 296 loss against Josh Emmett at UFC 296.

Bryce Mitchell UFC 296

Mitchell took on Emmett on the main card of the UFC’s final event of 2023. This was supposed to be a preliminary bout, but with the removal of Ian Garry vs. Vicente Luque, the Mitchell vs. Emmett fight received a promotion. Mitchell was on the wrong end of a one-punch knockout in the opening frame. There was some concern for Mitchell, who appeared to be convulsing when he was unconscious, but the good news is he seems to be doing well in the aftermath.


Bryce Mitchell Provides Positive Update, Explains What Went Wrong

Bryce Mitchell took to social media to speak on his UFC 296 KO loss to Josh Emmett. He had a brief message on X, and released a video statement on Instagram.

“cant thank yall enuf. everyone who supports me is amazing. i still have my health!! so im happy!!”

“Hey, I wanted to let everybody know that I’m okay,” Mitchell said. “I wanted to thank y’all so much for watching, and I’ve just been so blessed this weekend. I cannot complain about anything, and really where I messed up is a poor strategy. So, my strategy was stick to the jab, make my reads, work my feet, kind of sit on the outside, but that put me to where I’m not putting that forward pressure that I really like to put, and it also made me look timid, and that’s not how I fight. I fight very aggressive.”

Mitchell has now gone 1-2 in his last three outings. His other loss in this stretch came against UFC featherweight title challenger Ilia Topuria. “Thug Nasty” will look to get back on track once he has taken the time to rest.


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