Chael Sonnen confused by Mark Hunt’s UFC 200 lawsuit against Brock Lesnar: “Take one look at him!”

By Josh Evanoff - September 29, 2023

Chael Sonnen believes Mark Hunt might’ve had ulterior motives when suing the UFC and Brock Lesnar.

Chael Sonnen and Mark Hunt

Earlier this week, ‘The Super Somoan’ was handed the final loss in his court battle with the UFC. Seven years ago at UFC 200, the saga got rolling as Brock Lesnar handed Mark Hunt a loss. However, as many, including Chael Sonnen, noted in a new YouTube video, the WWE star was handed a USADA waiver to fight that night.

Instead of having to do six months of testing, his short-notice waiver saw him only tested for around a month. It was controversial to give Brock Lesnar a waiver at the time, but things would only get worse. Post-fight, Mark Hunt decided to sue the former champion, the UFC, and Dana White, after a failed drug test from his opponent.

Mark Hunt alleged in court that the UFC were aware that Brock Lesnar was doping, and did nothing. However, Chael Sonnen believes that’s not entirely what happened. On his YouTube channel, ‘The Bad Guy’ opined that just about everyone knew that the former champion was on steroids anyway. ‘The Super Somoan’ was more upset that he was handed a loss, and was brought in to do so.


Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt

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“…You have to understand, if Mark wanted to have a complaint, I don’t think this is a legal complaint.” Chael Sonnen stated on YouTube reacting to Mark Hunt’s failed lawsuit against the UFC. “On a personal note, if he wanted to be offended, he got brought in to be beaten up by Brock Lesnar. They brought in a kickboxer from New Zealand, who had never had a wrestling match, to take on a NCAA wrestling champion. That was yoked out of his mind.”

He continued, “You didn’t need a drug test to know Lesnar was on steroids then. Or was on steroids now, or on steroids next week, or on steroids in college. Just look at him, you can take one look at him! You meet the guy who goes to the Carnival, and he wants to yell at the worker afterward. You saw the ride, and then you bought a ticket!”

“… Mark isn’t wrong for doing this, I’m just bringing up a point. But, Mark doesn’t get to throw on a Mr. Surprised face, when a guy he knows is using steroids, tests positive for steroids.”

What do you make of these comments from Chael Sonnen? Do you think Mark Hunt should’ve sued the UFC and Brock Lesnar?


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