Chael Sonnen unloads on Jorge Masvidal after ‘Gamebred’ threatens him: “Go see a therapist”

By Cole Shelton - November 7, 2023

Chael Sonnen has continued to take aim at Jorge Masvidal.

Chael Sonnen and Jorge Masvidal

On Monday, Sonnen blasted ‘Gamebred’ on social media over the Colby Covington incident as Masvidal threatened to knock the rest of Covington’s teeth out. Of course, Sonnen and Covington are friends, so after ‘The American Gangster’ ripped ‘Gamebred’, Masvidal took to social media to tell him to say it to his face.

You juice head, I bet you won’t say this stuff in person. @ChaelSonnen just keep the same energy when you see me,” Masvidal tweeted.

After Jorge Masvidal’s tweet, Chael Sonnen was quick to fire back at ‘Gamebred’ and he unloaded on the former BMF champion.

“Since I don’t spend much time in county jails, homeless shelters, methadone centers, or dodgy, unlicensed, outdoor barbershops, it’s unlikely we’ll see each other in person anytime soon,” Sonnen responded.

“…But if we DO meet in person some advice -DON’T pretend to fight w/your benefactors (“ME”) to try to get heat for your failing fight promotion. It’s doomed, the $ is gone, wasted. NO “Man-Bun” Seriously Bruh. Go get a haircut where you’re not sitting on a folding beach-chair & the floor is dirt,” Sonnen added about Masvidal.

“DO. Go see a Therapist. Point to the spot(s) where Colby hurt you. Have a good cry, punch the pillow, repeat every 2 weeks,” Sonnen concluded.

Chael Sonnen was quick to fire back at Jorge Masvidal and it seems like this rivalry has no end in sight. But, as Sonnen says, it is unlikely the two will come face-to-face with one another anytime soon, but if they do, what will happen is uncertain.

Currently, Masvidal has yet to respond to Sonnen’s latest tweets, but given they are only a few hours old, there’s a chance ‘Gamebred’ hasn’t seen them just yet. So, there is a good chance this rivalry will continue, especially if Masvidal responds to Sonnen’s latest comments.


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