Christos Giagos expecting a “war” against Daniel Zellhuber at Noche UFC: “I’ll bring it to him”

By Cole Shelton - September 13, 2023

Christos Giagos is eager to finally fight in front of fans again.

Christos Giagos

All three of His last fights have come at the UFC Apex with no crowd, which has been hard for him as Giagos says he is a crowd fighter who feeds off the energy of fans. However, he will not be the crowd favorite on Saturday as he’s booked to return at Noche UFC against Mexican Daniel Zellhuber.

“It doesn’t change at all. I like it better, I feed off the energy,” Giagos said on Just Scrap Radio on “I know it’s Mexican Independence Day and there will be a lot of Mexicans there and I’m fighting a Mexican. So, I won’t be the crowd favorite. But, it’s all good. I’m used to that as I just like having fans there as I think I perform better when fans are there.”

Although Christos Giagos is excited to fight in front of the fans, he knows he will get booed which he’s excited for. He’s done it before in his career and has had success when going into enemy territory.

However, Giagos knows with the way he and Zellhuber fight, the crowd will be cheering for both of them by the end of the scrap.

“I would like to be the crowd favorite, but I don’t mind being the enemy. I’ve traveled to Brazil to fight Brazilians, I’ve traveled to Russia to fight Russians, I fought in Sweden to fight a local native there,” Giagos said. “I’m the Spartan, I got to people’s land and take it over. I’m hoping to have a fun, great fight, to win their love. I feel like I’ll be respected either way, I’m excited to go out there and put on a show.”

Against Daniel Zellhuber, Christos Giagos believes he will have the wrestling and grappling advantage. However, he knows getting to Zellhuber’s hips could be difficult due to how long and rangy he is.

But, despite that, Giagos has confidence in his skills to be able to close the distance and land big shots. If Christos Giagos can bring his Noche UFC fight into deep waters as he expects, he’s confident he will be leaving Vegas on a two-fight win streak.

“I see it going a lot of different ways. I feel like I’ll strike with him out and feel him out. Get him excited that I’m here to strike. When he gets a little confident, I’ll dip down for a takedown and keep him down. Work on a submission game or hold him down. Or if he gets back up, just stay on him,” Giagos explained. “Keep the pressure. I feel like my experience will have the edge, going into deep waters and bringing the fight to him. People are hesitant because of his fight, but I’ll bring it to him. It will be a war. I’m going to try and knock him out.”

Should Giagos get the win over Zellhuber at Noche UFC, he already has his callout ready as he wants to fight Jim Miller.

“I either want a top-15 opponent or I want to fight Jim Miller. I want another good name and put my skills to the test,” Giagos said.

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