Cody Stamann expects to “submit” Douglas Silva de Andrade “early” at UFC Charlotte, eyes “someone big” next time out: “I don’t want to be a gatekeeper”

By Cole Shelton - May 10, 2023

Cody Stamann was hopeful to make a quick turnaround and he got his wish.

Stamann went down to Brazil and picked up a decision win over Luan Lacerda in January at UFC 283. Given he didn’t take much damage he wanted another fight right away and he got his wish as he will face Douglas Silva de Andrade at UFC Charlotte.

“I was begging right after the fight,” Stamann said on Just Scrap Radio on “I didn’t have a single injury, I wanted to go again in two or three months and chain things together. I’m better when I’m consistently fighting and I feel like I can get out of this one unscathed too and go again in the fall.”

Although Stamann didn’t care who he was fighting next, he was glad he was offered a well-known veteran like Andrade. The American knows it is a dangerous fight, but he also knows he has a clear and easy path to victory to beat the Brazilian at UFC Charlotte.

“I’d much rather fight someone that I know that I can watch film on, that I have an understanding of what I am getting into. Do I think anyone wants to fight Douglas Silva de Andrade? I don’t think so,” Stamann said. “He’s a wildcard, he’s a big strong dude, obviously he’s fought some of the best guys in the sport at bantamweight and has done pretty well. It’s by no means an easy fight but I’ve fought the best guys in MMA currently. I think Douglas Silva de Andrade, I just think I’m better everywhere.”

With Cody Stamann thinking he is better everywhere than Douglas Silva de Andrade, the American plans to bring the fight to the Brazilian. Stamnn thinks if it doesn’t end early, it will be a war, but he’s confident he can take down Andrade and submit him in the first round.

“I can see this going a million ways. I’m either going to take him down and submit him, which I think is a real possibility. Or, it’s just going to be an absolute war between us,” Stamann said. “I’m not going to fight him the same way I fought this last guy, I know too much about him and what he does. I fought really safely against the kid in Brazil… Against de Andrade, I know I can outwrestle him, I know that I’m faster than him on the feet, I know I will see the big shots coming. I think I can pick him apart for 15 minutes or I can take him down and get him out of there early. We will see.”

If Stamann does get the stoppage win he’s after, he isn’t sure what would be next for him. But, the goal for Stamann after UFC Charlotte is to get a fight in the fall and either fight someone in the top 10 or another unranked guy. According to Stamann, he doesn’t have much interest in facing anyone ranked from 10 to 15.

“Everyone wants to fight ranked guys. I’ve fought a lot of ranked guys, I don’t feel a need to prove myself against a ranked guy. In an ideal situation, I don’t mess around fighting guys from 10 to 15,” Stamann said. “Maybe after Douglas, maybe one more, we will see, I want to go straight to the top 10, I don’t want to mess around fighting the next best guy coming up. I don’t want to be a gatekeeper, I want to go after someone big… I’m going to be a lot smarter this time.”

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