Cody Stamann planned to call out Movsar Evloev had he beat Douglas Silva de Andrade at UFC Charlotte

By Cole Shelton - May 19, 2023

Cody Stamann had an interesting callout ready had he beat Douglas Silva de Andrade at UFC Charlotte.

Cody Stamann

Stamann entered the fight with de Andrade with a ton of confidence as he felt like his wrestling would prove to be too much for his opponent. In the first round, Stamann got de Andrade to the ground but was then hit with an illegal upkick. However, instead of regaining position, the ref stood them up. The Brazilian then won the first round and ended up winning the fight because of that, which Stamann plans to appeal.

Yet, as he waits for the appeal to play out, Stamann says he hopes for a quick turnaround to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

“I got a nasty taste in my mouth about this whole ordeal and I already spoke to Sean Shelby. I don’t have a mark on my face, my leg was a little beat up so I plan to take this week off and just relax,” Stamann said to “I would 100 percent fight again next month, I have no objections to fighting that soon. I’m healthy and didn’t take any damage. I just want to get this nasty taste out of my mouth and recoup some money I lost from that ref’s decision.”

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Not only did the loss to Douglas Silva de Andrade sting due to the ref’s error, but Cody Stamann says it also stole his moment of an important callout. Had Stamann won, he says he planned to call out Movsar Evloev and make the move to 145lbs full-time .

But, with Stamann losing in controversial fashion, he says he wants to stick around at bantamweight for at least one more fight. He also now doesn’t care who is next as he just wants to get a fight so he can get back into the win column.

“I was struggling to get the weight off and usually I’m a guy that can lose like 10 pounds in a workout. For whatever reason the water wasn’t coming out of me the way I wanted to,” Stamann said. “We then made the decision it would be better to do a catchweight. Had I won this fight, I think I would have gone up to featherweight, at least for a couple of fights. I was planning to fight someone in the top 10, I had a callout ready. I was going to call out Movsar Evloev, I felt like that was a good fight. But, now I’ll take what I can get and I’ll fight at 135 or 145. I just want a good matchup and someone I can put out.”

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