Cody Stamann “pretty confident” he will win his appeal to have Douglas Silva de Andrade fight overturned to a No Contest

By Cole Shelton - May 17, 2023

Cody Stamann plans to appeal his loss to Douglas Silva de Andrade at UFC Charlotte.

Cody Stamann

In the first round with just under two minutes, Stamann got a takedown and as he was on the ground, de Andrade landed an illegal up-kick. The ref then called time to make sure Stamann was okay, but instead of resetting the position or taking a point, the ref stood them up and de Andrade went on to win the first round.

Of course, with de Andrade winning the first round, he ended up winning the fight 29-28 on all three judges’ scorecards. With that, Stamann plans to appeal the loss as had he kept the top position, he feels like he would have won the first round and then won the fight.

“Obviously, I know the rules and he knew he messed up, too. As soon as it happens, I look up at the ref to make sure he saw it and he called time. At that point, I’m thinking it’s either a point or a warning and we go back to the ground with me on top, given I had that position. There were like two minutes left on the clock, too, and then he stands up and says fight,” Stamann said to

“I’m kind of standing there in protest, I’m like what the f**k, if you stand us up you have to take a point. I’m confused, but I have Douglas in front of me trying to kill me,” Stamann continued. “I can’t call a timeout, so it’s one of those situations, I just had to get over immediately. He was basically rewarded for doing something illegal by getting stood up. What stops anyone from up-kicking someone from the bottom if they can’t get up and they now know they will get stood up and no point taken? You can’t give someone an advantage if they did something illegal.”

As of right now, Cody Stamann’s appeal has not been formally issued but he and his manager are writing up the paperwork and will send it to the North Carolina Athletic Commission soon.

However, Stamann is well aware of the history of appeals, so says he wouldn’t appeal a loss for bad judging, even if he thinks he got robbed. Instead, he is appealing a critical ref error which he thinks played a role in him losing, which is why he is confident the fight will get overturned to a No Contest.

“Before I left, I needed to speak to someone from the commission because they just stole this from me. Everyone at the UFC was super supportive and they got the head athletic commissioner to come speak to me,” Stamann said. “She went through what my options were, and she showed me the rules and what I can appeal. I’m reading the rules and this is verbatim what happens with my fight. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty confident this going to get turned into a No Contest or a draw. But the rules are clear as day. There is not a grey area, you can’t give someone an advantage for doing something illegal.”

Currently, Stamann is uncertain how long the appeal will take but he says everyone in the UFC was happy with his performance and told him he did get screwed by the ref.

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