Colby Covington blasts Leon Edwards for turning down title fight in London: “The disrespect he has towards his own people is disgusting”

By Cole Shelton - May 8, 2023

Colby Covington has taken aim at Leon Edwards for delaying their title fight.

Leon Edwards, Colby Covington

After Edwards defended his belt for the first time at UFC 286 in March, it was revealed that Covington would be next. At the time, no date was revealed but the plan was for them to fight at UFC 291 on July 22 in London, England. However, the Brit turned it down citing that he needed more time, which left Covington frustrated as he doesn’t understand why Edwards wouldn’t want to fight in his home country.

“That’s what Leon did to the people of the UK and London in specific. That’s disgusting. Those people, those fans over there in London, the most passionate, most diehard fans I’ve ever seen in my life, man. I respect those guys, have so much love for the fans in the UK and London. Man, those people are amazing,” Covington said to LowKick MMA. “The fact that Leon rejected a home date over there, and he thinks, oh, they’re not worthy of a pay-per-view, let them get a Fight Night. Oh, Leon, you think your people aren’t worthy of a f*****g main event, world championship, undisputed welterweight world title fight? You want them to have a Fight Night instead?

“Just the disrespect he has towards his own people is disgusting. It would be like me turning down a home date in Maralago, and I’m like, yeah, I’m not gonna be able to fight there,” Covington continued. “And I’m gonna have to call my friend Donald Trump and be like, Donald, I’m not gonna be able to fight on this home date and defend the land. Dude, he would probably never talk to me, he’d be like that’s a disgrace, you never do that, you fight for your country. The fact that Leon turned down a home date just shows he doesn’t care about the people of the UK.”

With Leon Edwards needing more time, it’s uncertain when the fight against Colby Covington will take place. But it for sure won’t be happening in London this July.


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