Colby Covington was not impressed with Sean Strickland’s cageside brawl at UFC 296: “He’s a liability to the company”

By Harry Kettle - December 21, 2023

Colby Covington wasn’t too impressed by Sean Strickland’s cageside brawl at UFC 296 last weekend.

Sean Strickland Dricus Du Plessis

While Colby Covington may have featured in the main event of UFC 296, he may not have been the biggest story coming out of the show. In addition to Leon Edwards’ victory, there was a pretty good promo for UFC 297 next month.

That promo came in the form of a huge scrap between Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis. The two men will compete for the UFC middleweight championship in Toronto just a few weeks from now. Prior to that, though, the UFC decided to sit them near one another at UFC 296.

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As you can imagine, all hell broke loose, with Strickland attacking du Plessis in the crowd.

Upon hearing about this, Colby Covington doubled down on his recent comments regarding Strickland.

Covington hits out at Strickland

“He’s been running his mouth, and nothing he says makes sense. ‘Oh, Colby goes to the cops,’ bro, you called the cops a couple weeks ago, dude, when there was someone at your front door, and then you pistol-whipped him in the middle of the street,” Covington said. “I think he needs to worry about what he’s got to get through with the justice system first before he even talks about fighting.

“That guy’s a train wreck, dude. That guy is for sure gonna do something stupid in the next couple of years,” Covington continued. “I did not hear that (Strickland’s attack on du Plessis). But I’m not surprised. That guy does not make very good decisions. He’s a liability to the company. It’s sad what he’s done. I feel bad that the UFC has to deal with him as a champion. You just don’t know what he’s gonna say next or what he’s gonna do… It’s embarrassing, dude. You’re at a professional event, you’re gonna fight the guy in a couple of months. What are you doing, man?”

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