Craig Jones reveals the “valuable lesson” Colby Covington taught fight fans at UFC 296

By Susan Cox - December 20, 2023

Craig Jones is revealing the ‘valuable lesson’ that Colby Covington taught fight fans at UFC 296.

Colby Covington

UFC 296 took place this past Saturday, December 16th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main event heavyweight title fight between current champion Leon Edwards (22-3 MMA) and challenger Colby Covington (17-4 MMA) ended with a unanimous decision victory for ‘Rocky’.

Covington, 35, has now lost three of his last five fights in the Octagon.

Prior to the event, at the pre-fight press conference, Covington took verbal shots at Edwards, even going so far as to say the champion would ‘join his murdered father in hell‘. That comment led to ‘Rocky’ throwing a water bottle his way and security had to intervene.

Jones, who attended throughout fight week, took to ‘Instagram’ and spoke about Covington and his inane ability for trash talk:

“A valuable lesson Colby Covington taught us about America and that is you can say anything you want. You can walk out, say, ‘I hate gay people, I hate women. I think the homeless people should die.’ As long as you follow it with, ‘But I support first responders. I support the troops and god bless America,’ and the whole crowd will cheer.”

Covington, a staunch Trump supporter, following the loss, spoke with color commentator, Joe Rogan, saying he was ‘thankful for first responders and U.S. troops’.

Concluding the Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend, Craig Jones said (h/t MMAMania):

“America is basically a sports team, but a sports team in the Special Olympics. That’s how I’d summarize basically what we learned from this weekend.”

Do you agree with Craig Jones that the lesson that can be taken away from Colby Covington’s verbiage is that you can say anything you want as long as you follow it up with something people want to hear?

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