Kenny Florian refutes the idea that Colby Covington ‘didn’t show up’ at UFC 296: “So many people don’t really know what they’re watching”

By Susan Cox - December 20, 2023

Kenny Florian is refuting the idea that Colby Covington ‘didn’t show up’ at UFC 296.

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The main event welterweight title fight between Leon Edwards (22-3 MMA) and Colby Covington (17-4 MMA) occurred last Saturday, December 16th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The result was a unanimous decision victory for the 32-year-old Edwards.

Many fans are believing that Covington’s performance was at best lackluster. The 35-year-old fighter had not set foot in the Octagon for over a year and a half before challenging for gold against ‘Rocky‘.

It was during a recent episode of the ‘Anik & Florian’ podcast that former UFC fighter Kenny Florian (14-6 MMA) spoke about last Saturday’s fight saying:

“So many people don’t really know what they’re watching. It’s no offence, it’s just I’ve spent the majority of my life studying fighting and things like that and when I hear someone go ‘Colby Covington didn’t show up’, I’m sorry but I immediately go you clearly know nothing about fighting. You don’t know about the sport because absolutely Jon, I’d say 90% of that or more had to do with Leon Edwards’ ability to manage distance and keep Colby on the outside because of his phenomenal footwork and his ability to use those lead hands and those lead weapons and long-range weapons. And use those lead hands as tentacles to try to keep Colby on the outside, he was switching stances, Colby is not necessarily known for his footwork.”

Continuing Florian said (h/t MMANews):

“When you look at guys that he’s faced, whether it’s guys like Kamaru Usman, Masvidal, Rafael Dos Anjos, Woodley, Lawler, these are all great fighters but when you look at them, you don’t go wow man their footwork is outstanding. No, you don’t which is why Colby Covington is able to get to them. I can only wrestle you if I’m able to get at a certain range, if I don’t get at that range, there is no wrestling and so many times people are like ‘well, why didn’t Colby just go for it?’ Go for it where? Who does he touch if he’s trying to chase a ghost?”  

Do you agree with Kenny Florian’s analogy of what transpired last weekend?

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