UFC 296 Results: Leon Edwards defeats Colby Covington (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - December 16, 2023

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC 296 results, including the main event between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington.

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Edwards (21-3 MMA) will enter the bout on a three-fight winning streak, his latest being a majority decision win over Kamaru Usman at UFC 286. The Birmingham native is currently unbeaten in his last twelve Octagon appearances overall, with his lone blemish in that time being a no-contest with Belal Muhammad.

Meanwhile, Colby Covington (17-3 MMA) will be competing for the first time since defeating Jorge Masvidal by unanimous decision in March of 2022. ‘Chaos’ has gone 3-2 over his past five fights overall, scoring wins over Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley, while suffering two defeats to Kamaru Usman.

Round one of the UFC 296 main event begins and Colby Covington misses with a high kick. He lands a low kick. The throws another that fails to connect. Leon Edwards applying pressure here early. Colby with a low kick. Leon responds with one of his own. Covington with a high kick which is blocked. Edwards just misses with a front kick up the middle. ‘Chaos’ with a left hand that misses. Leon attempts to counter but misses as well. ‘Rocky’ with a low kick. Colby throws a jab that falls short. He launches another that appears to connect. Both men land jabs in the pocket. Leon Edwards with a nice left hand. Colby attempts to counter but ends up eating a right from the champ. Edwards with a low kick. Colby Covington whiffs with an uppercut. He shoots for a takedown, but Leon defends it with ease. Covington tries a jab, but Edwards counters nicely with a left. ‘Chaos’ slips but then comes forward with a body kick. He looks to follow up with a left hand, but it falls short. Leon with a low kick. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 296 main event begins and Colby Covington lands a nice body kick. Leon Edwards answers with a good left. ‘Chaos’ comes forward with a flurry but eats a right hook. ‘Rocky’ with a nice low kick. Covington misses with a front kick. Leon tags him with a right. The champ has been applying all of the pressure thus far. He lands a low kick and then another. Edwards with a nice left hand. He is walking Colby down at the moment. Covington with a low kick. The crowd is growing restless. Leon Edwards with a left high kick which is blocked. Colby Covington with a low kick and then a high kick that falls short. Leon with a hard low kick. Colby’s front leg is busted up. ‘Rocky’ with a body kick. Colby with a 1-2. Another hard low kick from Edwards. Covington returns fire with a low kick of his own. Leon seems totally calm and composed in there. This is a bizarre strategy from Covington. Edwards with another nice kick. ‘Chaos’ goes upstairs with a high kick that misses. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC 296 main event begins and Colby Covington looks for a takedown, but it is not there. He throws out a 1-2, but neither punch lands. Leon Edwards with a nice low kick to the front leg of the challenger. A front kick to the body from the champ. ‘Chaos’ looks overwhelmed. Leon with a nice left and then another hard low kick. Covington with a left hand. He shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Colby working from full guard position. Edwards scrambles up to his feet and fires off a head kick. ‘Rocky’ shoots for a takedown of his own and gets it. He allows Colby to stand back up. That was obviously just to prove a point. That has to be deflating for Covington. ‘Chaos’ with a 1-2. He leaps in with a left but misses badly. Edwards is just playing with the challenger at this point. Colby with a jab that falls a foot short. Edwards with another nice low kick. Covington’s lead leg is busted up. Colby just can’t seem to find his range. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 296 main event begins and Leon Edwards is back to applying pressure. He continues to chop away at the lead leg of the challenger. Colby Covington shoots in for a takedown. He presses the champ against the cage. ‘Rocky’ locks up a choke. Colby has to scramble to escape. Edwards with a big left hand. Colby returns fire with one of his own and then shoots for a takedown. Leon is defending well and eventually shakes ‘Chaos’ off. Covington with a pair of nice left hands. It appears he’s starting to find his range. He shoots in for a takedown but is only able to press Leon against the cage. A scramble ensues and Covington is on the back of the champ. Edwards scrambles and is able to break free. Back on the feet now and Leon lands another chopping low kick. Colby with a left. Edwards with a body kick.

The fifth and final round of the UFC 296 headliner begins and Leon Edwards open with a high kick. Colby Covington goes to the body with a kick. He follows that up with a left hand. Edwards forces the clinch and scores a takedown. He takes the back of Covington and looks for a rear-naked choke. ‘Rocky’ let’s that go and moves for a triangle choke. It appears to be tight, but Colby escapes and winds up in top position. Two minutes remain. Colby Covington works some short shots from full guard. He moves to an arm triangle choke but can’t secure it. The horn sounds to end the fight.

Official UFC 296 Results: Leon Edwards def. Colby Covington by unanimous decision (49-46 x3)

Who would you like to see Edwards fight next following his victory over Covington this evening in Las Vegas?


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