WATCH | Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson go from enemies to friends in bizarre back-and-forth at UFC 296 press conference

By Cole Shelton - December 14, 2023

Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson had a bizarre back-and-forth at the UFC 296 press conference.

Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson

Covington is set to headline UFC 296 where he challenges Leon Edwards for the promotion’s coveted welterweight title. Meanwhile, Tony Ferguson is looking to snap his six-fight losing streak against Paddy Pimblett on the main card. Both are intriguing matchups, but even though they aren’t fighting one another, the two had a back-and-forth at today’s press conference.

Colby Covington was asked for his pick between the welterweight title fight between Shavkat Rakhmonov and Stephen Thompson. Covington responded by saying he doesn’t care about who is on his prelims, to which Ferguson chimed in saying he is the real main event. That remark started a back-and-forth between the two which went from them going at one another to the two becoming friends.

Colby Covington: No one gives a f**k about that, they came to see me and that’s it, I’m the A-side of this fight, they didn’t care to see anybody else, I don’t care who’s on my prelims, why would I care who’s on my prelims?

Ferguson: Shut the f**k up Colby, I’m the main event dog, I’m more American than you, homie, sit back.

Covington: Wow, this Benedict Arnold motherf****r, damn, Tony, I was rooting for you, I like America. I’m still going to root for you even if you are an American douchebag, but just don’t go out and lose seven fights in a row, bro. F*****g bum, g*****g bum.

Tony Ferguson: Oh, homie you are in my weight class. Don’t forget brother, you are in my weight class, so you are next.

Covington: Kid, you are in the easiest weight class in the UFC, what are you talking about?

Ferguson: 14-2, most knockouts, bitch.

Covington: Six-fight losing streak, bitch. You can’t come to a real man’s weight class, everybody knows ’70 is the premier division of the UFC.

Tony Ferguson: Get Trump’s sack out of your mouth, bro.

Covington: Bro you must still be knocked out when you get kicked by Michael Chandler.

Ferguson: I might be, I woke up and realized how American I am man. 

Colby Covington: You still seeing ghosts in your wall? Still, kidnapping your kids?

Ferguson: It’s gonna be the stars and stripes, they know they don’t belong here. Regardless if this f****r wins and I win we are going to keep that shit here, that was a compliment bitch.

Covington: I’m complimenting you, too, I’m rooting for you on Saturday night.

Tony Ferguson: Alright, Colby, let’s f*****g do this shit.

Covington: Let’s go, Team America!

Ferguson: F***k yeah, America, motherf*****s, here we go motherf*****s.

Colby Covington: Let’s go! Raise up, American revolution.

Tony Ferguson: We are going to Paul Revere these assholes.

Covington: Dam right we are, f**k these redcoat motherf*****s.

It was a very odd back-and-forth between Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson but the two ended it with them rooting for one another and getting two wins for America.


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