Cris Cyborg responds after PFL’s Donn Davis claims she will be fighting two times in 2024: “I’m unwilling to enter into any toxic work environments”

By Fernando Quiles - November 26, 2023

Bellator women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has some reservations about PFL making plans without getting in touch with her first.

Cris Cyborg

PFL dropped some major news in the MMA world recently with the acquisition of Bellator. Donn Davis, PFL founder, said that Bellator contracts will carry over, which was a big reason Davis had the deal finalized. A few Bellator champions such as Patchy Mix were in attendance for the PFL Championships on November 24. While the champions in attendance looked happy to be a part of the PFL umbrella, Cyborg isn’t sold at the moment.


Cris Cyborg Reacts to PFL’s Plans

Cris Cyborg caught wind of Donn Davis laying out the plan to book Cyborg against PFL 2023 women’s featherweight champion Larissa Pacheco before the Kayla Harrison fight.

“As I said last night… Lots of plans being made and announced. I have not had any contact with anyone from the @PFLMMA since news of the purchase. One thing I will control is how my career finishes.

“Company culture and the way I am going to be treated as I finish the final fights of my career are a priority despite having two fighters call me out fight night. I was one of the few Bellator champions not to be contacted or invited to the show. I’m financially at a point in my life that I’m unwilling to enter into any toxic work environments. My mental health is too important

“I am excited to be boxing Jan 19th and after talks with my team have occurred will start to look at the options for my mma return.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Cyborg and the PFL higherups can get on the same page when the two sides are able to communicate.


Cris 'Cyborg' Justino