Cub Swanson broke his hand in Artem Lobov fight

By bjpenndotcom - April 27, 2017

In the main event of ‘UFC Fight Night: Nashville’, top ranked UFC featherweight veteran Cub Swanson stepped into the Octagon with unranked Artem Lobov for a highly anticipated fight which was prefaced by months and months of trash talk between the two men.

When the pair stepped into the Octagon, they delivered an impressive fight, and both drew praise from not only the fans, but one another as well. Interestingly enough however, when the medical suspensions were released, it was revealed that Swanson would only be out for the minimum 7 days required. On the flip side, Artem Lobov would be suspended for a potential 60 days.

Artem Lobov Cub Swanson

Now however, Cub Swanson has revealed via Fox Sports PROcast that he broke his hand for the 10th time in the fight with Lobov:

“Unfortunately, I just got back from the doctor’s (office), and I don’t know when, but I broke my hand at some point (in the fight). That’s the 10th time I’ve broken my hand now, so it’s been a little bit of a problem.”

“I was only throwing single shots because he had the hardest head,” Swanson said. “Every time I was hitting him by the third, fourth and fifth rounds, every time I hit him, my hands were just aching. Turns out one of my hands was broke.”

Cub Swanson seeks to KO Artem Lobov

Despite the broken hand, which Swanson isn’t quite sure of when he broke, he managed to throw 310 strikes according to the fight analytics. Interestingly enough however, as Swanson pointed out, he was only throwing single shots because of the aches and pains in his hand, which he now knows is the result of a broken hand. With that being said, Swanson stated post-fight that he was looking to take some time off from fighting before returning to the Octagon closer to 2018.

on 4/27/2017.


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