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Curtis Blaydes
Francis Ngannou

Curtis Blaydes Compares Mark Hunt and Francis Ngannou's Punching Power

Tom Taylor - February 11, 2018

Last night, in the co-main event of UFC 221, rising heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes picked up the biggest win of his career thus far, wrestling Mark Hunt to an impressive unanimous decision triumph. While Blaydes got the win he was chasing, he did have to weather some adversity in this fight, as Hunt very nearly put him down with punches in the first frame. Luckily, though, his chin held strong, and he was able to survive this scare.

Curtis Blaydes
Curtis Blaydes

Heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes describes the moment he was rocked by Mark Hunt

Tom Taylor - February 11, 2018

Last night, in the co-main event of the action-packed UFC 221 card, rising heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes picked up the biggest win of his career thus far, dragging the legendary Mark Hunt through a grappling hell en route to a unanimous decision victory. That said, Blaydes’ victory wasn’t without close calls. Mid-way through the first round, the Chicago native was very nearly knocked out by his brick-fisted foe. Luckily, he was able to turn the tables on Hunt, completing a crucial takedown as he teetered on the outermost edge of consciousness.

Curtis Blaydes
Mark Hunt

UFC 221 Results: Curtis Blaydes defeats Mark Hunt

Chris Taylor - February 10, 2018

UFC 221 Results: Curtis Blaydes defeats Mark Hunt A key heavyweight scrap between surging division contender Curtis Blaydes and former interim title challenger Mark Hunt served as the co-main event of tonight’s UFC 221 event in Perth.

Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt

Curtis Blaydes Honored to Fight 'Charles Barkley' of MMA Mark Hunt

Justin Golightly - February 2, 2018

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mark Hunt. After he beat surging contender Derrick Lewis last Summer, he disappeared across the sea like Godzilla at the end of a movie. As he winds down his legendary career, he returns at UFC 221 in Perth to fight Curtis Blaydes. As a fighter who has only been in the UFC for two years, the relative newcomer knows what it means to step into the Octagon with the Super Samoan. Even comparing him to Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley. “I’m appreciative that the UFC’s gonna give me the chance to fight a living legend. I wasn’t expecting it so soon, but I’m happy they did it. I’m looking forward to putting on a show. My hands have gotten a lot better and I know his hands are very dangerous, but with my hands, plus my wrestling — I think it’s a great fight. I’ve always respected Mark Hunt, I don’t have the style, obviously, but you can’t help respect a guy who’s been doing it for as long as he has at the level he has. I know he doesn’t have the best record, but everyone knows he only fights the best of the best.”

Francis Ngannou, Curtis Blaydes
Exclusive MMA Interviews

EXCLUSIVE | Curtis Blaydes explains what surprised him about Francis Ngannou's KO of Alistair Overeem

Tom Taylor - December 14, 2017

Earlier this month, in the co-main event of UFC 218, surging French-Cameroonian heavyweight Francis Ngannou knocked out Alistair Overeem to earn a shot at reigning UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic. This violent knockout win caused Ngannou’s hype to skyrocket to new and towering heights, but in the opinion of 9th-ranked heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes, the outcome of this fight had a lot to do with Overeem’s surprising game plan. “I mean, I was a little surprised [how the fight went],” Curtis Blaydes said on the latest episode of BJ Penn Radio. “I wasn’t surprised at Ngannou. He did, definitely, what he should have done, [which] was just stand there and chuck [punches at] him, and it worked. I’m surprised that Overeem was so quick to engage in that type of action. Overeem’s a veteran, and him knowing that he doesn’t have the best chin anymore, I was a bit surprised at how eager he was [to trade].”

Colby Covington
Jimi Manuwa

BJPENN.COM Radio Ep. 62 // Curtis Blaydes | Leon Edwards | Jimi Manuwa

Jason Kindschy - December 13, 2017

BJPENN.COM Radio returns tonight at 8PM ET/5PM PT! 8:15PM ET- Kicking things off tonight is heavyweight prospect Curtis “Razor” Blaydes. While it was just announced that Curtis is set to face Mark Hunt at UFC 221, we caught up with the Team Elevation product before the bout was made. Nevertheless, we spoke with Blaydes about his evolution as a martial artist, the opponents he was hoping for at the time, and what he thinks of the current title picture.

Mark Hunt, Curtis Blaydes
Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt set to return against Curtis Blaydes

Tom Taylor - December 13, 2017

Yesterday morning, UFC heavyweight legend Mark Hunt took to social media with a threatening message directed at his next opponent. He did not, however, specify who that next opponent was. “You have called me out, and now I’m going to give it to you right in that big mouth of yours,” Hunt said in this post, which has since been deleted “I’m going to wrap this gift up nice and tight for you boii so you never compete again at this level. The only good thing I can say about you is you are not a spineless coward mutt like ‘Werbum’. There isn’t anything worse for me than someone who is scared to fight like ‘Werbum.’”

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