Dan Ige believes he has “better grappling” than Bryce Mitchell, expects his foe to “break again” at UFC Vegas 79

By Cole Shelton - September 19, 2023

Dan Ige always figured he’d end up fighting Bryce Mitchell.

Dan Ige

Ige and Mitchell have both been in the UFC since 2018, and with both men having success, the Hawaiian figured they would get matched up eventually. Although the bout took five years to come to fruition, Ige is excited to fight Mitchell who is now ranked in the top 10.

“I still kind of don’t care but it is nice to start to work my way up the ladder again. I took out two guys who were on the verge of the top 15 and kind of left no question that I belong in the top 15,” Ige said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “So, to now fight number 10, Bryce Mitchell, it’s just a step in the right direction. A step up the ladder and working my way back up. I’m excited for this fight.”

When the fight was announced for UFC Vegas 79, Dan Ige saw all the talk that this is a striker vs. grappler bout. However, Ige doesn’t think that is the case at all as he also believes he’s a better grappler than Bryce Mitchell.

“You can’t underestimate my grappling because I think my grappling is better than his. It’s going to be a fun fight, he’s one of those guys you know what you are getting. He’s awkward and hard to figure out,” Ige said. “As long as I can control the distance and range and capitalize on his mistakes, it’s a clear easy, win for me. If I don’t, if I fall in his game it’s a long night for me. I just have to be smart, patient, and composed. I’ve been in there with some of the best in the world. The last time he fought, he lost and thought about retirement after one loss, so that tells you a lot. I’ve fallen many times and have always gotten up. It’s possible he could break again but who knows.”

Although Dan Ige believes he’s better everywhere than Bryce Mitchell, he’s still expecting a tough fight at UFC Vegas 79.

However, Ige does believe he will be able to pick apart Mitchell and break him. just like Ilia Topuria did last time out.

“I always prepare for the absolute worst, I prepare myself to go the distance. But, I see it playing out similarly to Damon Jackson,” Ige said. “He’s similar in a way where he’s very awkward on the feet and has that herky-jerky style. He wants to make it a grappling fight. If I can control the rage and the distance and the pace, I’ll be able to dominate the fight bell-to-bell.”

Should Dan Ige get the win at UFC Vegas 79 over Bryce Mitchell, the hope is to fight again soon.

“A win over Bryce with three fights this year sets me up for another big fight. My wife is due in February so I’d like to fight again before then. Literally, I could be one, or two fights away (from a title fight). It probably won’t be Kattar, Movsar, or Emmett, three guys I fought. But, there is still Ortega, Arnold Allen, and there are other names out there that are still at the top,” Ige concluded.


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