Dana White explains why he considers Vince McMahon the “Michael Jordan” of the business world

By Harry Kettle - October 26, 2023

UFC president Dana White has heaped praise on Vince McMahon following the recent UFC/WWE merger.

Dana White, Vince McMahon

When TKO Group Holdings Inc. was first announced, few could believe that we were actually seeing UFC and WWE come together like this. Alas, it’s happened, and it’s been quite the journey to get here.

Over the years, UFC’s Dana White and WWE’s Vince McMahon haven’t always had the best relationship. While there have certainly been times in which they’ve worked together well, there has also been some division between them. Now, though, they appear to be working together quite well as TKO continues to grow.


When asked about their history and where the two men are now in an interview with Sports Illustrated, White had the following to say.

White and McMahon mend fences

“My history with Vince isn’t a good one,” said White. “He tried to f— me so many times for no reason whatsoever except just to f— me. But that’s in the past. Now that Vince and I are allies, no one’s been a better partner than Vince.”

“Since day one of the deal, it’s like I’m dealing with a different guy,” said White. “It goes to show that when you oppose him, or he thinks you are opposing him, the guy comes after you blindly. Once you are aligned, Vince is an incredible partner.

“We’ve probably spoken on the phone 20 times since the deal. It’s all added-value conversation–with Vince doing work and raising the bar for both companies.”

“Vince McMahon, man, he’s an absolute savage,” said White. “Even with the stuff that went down with us in the past, I respect it. I love killers. He’s definitely a killer. He’s the Michael Jordan of the business world.”

Quotes via Sports Illustrated

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