Dana White rules out the returns of three former superstars for UFC 300

By Harry Kettle - January 19, 2024

UFC president Dana White has seemingly ruled out the return of three superstar names for UFC 300.

Dana White

In April, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will produce their flagship UFC 300 event. It’s set to be one of the biggest shows they’ve ever produced, with eight fights already being announced. However, despite how many big names are already set to appear, some fans aren’t happy with the overall quality when compared to the likes of UFC 100, UFC 200 and even UFC 299.

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Of course, as you can imagine, Dana White is hard at work trying to book bouts that would make sense to go down on such a monumental night.

During a recent interview with Aaron Bronsteter, White was asked specifically about the potential return of three blockbuster stars.

White’s UFC 300 views

“I don’t think there’s gonna be anything out of left field. This is just gonna be a type of card that we’ve never done before. Every fight is a must see fight.”

Bronsteter then asked Dana if any calls were made to the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Ronda Rousey or Brock Lesnar to appear on the card.

“Ronda isn’t coming back, GSP is not coming back. Brock Lesnar is like 45 years old, or pushing 50. No, none of those calls were made.”

It’s safe to say that UFC 300 is going to be an incredible show, regardless of what the remaining fights are. Alas, with the UFC going above and beyond for these shows in the past, some still wonder whether or not there’s more that can be done.

Either way, we’re likely waiting on four or five more announcements in the coming weeks and months.

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