Dana White shuts down Dillon Danis fighting in the UFC: “We can’t have that stuff going on here”

By Cole Shelton - November 28, 2023

UFC CEO Dana White doesn’t appear interested in signing Dillon Danis.

Dana White and Dillon Danis

It was recently revealed that Danis was released from his Bellator contract and he immediately expressed interest in fighting in the UFC. On paper, Danis would be a big draw and his trash-talk would garner attention for his fight.

Although Dillon Danis is just 2-0 in MMA and hasn’t fought in MMA since 2019, he still is very much in the sport with his jiu-jitsu background, as well as being Conor McGregor’s grappling coach.

However, even with the relationship with McGregor, Dana White says he isn’t interested in signing Dillon Danis as he believes he’s a headache and will cause problems he doesn’t need.

“The other thing with him is, and I have no beef with the kid at all, I’ve probably said two words to him in my whole life. But every time he’s around, shit’s going down,” White said of Dillon Danis on the Full Send Podcast. “We can’t have that stuff going on here. A lot of people will see when guys get into it on stage or something starts to happen, they’re like oh, they must love this or whatever. No. No, we don’t love it. We don’t need that shit to sell fights. It’s our job to keep that shit under control. That’s why when you see these other events with these guys and everything breaks out like that, it’s a f*****g. Total unprofessional clown show.”

With Dana White’s comments here, it seems highly unlikely Dillon Danis will ever fight in the UFC at this point. But, White has walked back on his words before, so perhaps this will be another case of that.

In his MMA career, Dillon Danis is 2-0 as a pro with both his wins coming by submission in Bellator. He also recently boxed against Logan Paul which he lost by DQ.


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