Dana White takes aim at Movsar Evloev’s UFC 297 win over Arnold Allen: “The least fun fight anybody’s ever seen”

By Harry Kettle - January 21, 2024

UFC CEO Dana White has taken aim at Movsar Evloev’s unanimous decision victory over Arnold Allen at UFC 297.

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Last night at UFC 297, Movsar Evloev extended his unbeaten run in mixed martial arts to 18-0. He did so by making his way past Arnold Allen, giving himself a huge boost in the race for a featherweight title shot.

Alas, while he may have had his hand raised at the end of the evening, many weren’t particularly impressed by the nature of his win. In addition to that, some felt as if an intervention from the referee prevented Allen from finding some real success with the barrage of knees he was landing.

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Either way, there are plenty of questions surrounding the 29-year-old. During his post-fight press conference, Dana White gave his candid thoughts on Evloev’s performance.

White’s frustration at Evloev/Allen

“White says that Evloev vs. Allen was “the least fun fight anybody’s ever seen” and that Evloev will have to deal with the fan reaction.”

Based on that analysis alone, you’d have to imagine that Dana White isn’t planning on pushing Evloev too hard in the near future. He may be unbeaten, and he may have wins over impressive opponents, but he has yet to really capture the attention or the imagination of the fans. Over the course of the next few months, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of direction the UFC goes in with him. The same, in many ways, can be said for Arnold Allen, and some of the struggles he had in this bout.

Do you think Dana White’s comments regarding Movsav Evloev’s performance are fair? What score did you have for the contest? Is there any chance we will see a rematch? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!


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