PHOTO | Dana White’s son suffers broken bone from school sports mishap

By Russell Ess - September 1, 2016

Dana White said of his son in a rather recent interview with Graham Bensinger, ““I would prefer he train in fighting and do that than play football.”

Dana White

Well, it seems like Dana being the UFC President may have a bit more reasoning for his son aside from him being the face of the UFC.

White posted a couple of photos on social media showing his son with a broken collar bone that he suffered while playing football at school.

White captioned a photo of his son, “Aaaaaaaand that was a quick season. #brokencollarbone @danaiiiwhite”

Aaaaaaaand that was a quick season. #brokencollarbone @danaiiiwhite

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“The thing about fighting is I think every man should teach his son how to fight,” White told Bensinger during their interview about the safety concerns with fighting in the UFC. “Every man should teach his son how to fight. And even, you know, he’s not going to become a professional fighter, I don’t think, but he’ll know how to fight for the rest of his life. It’s with you forever. Football isn’t with you for the rest of your life.”

White also followed up with another post of the x-ray of the broken bone.

@danaiiiwhite sucks

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Dana White