Danny Sabatello plans to “dominate, motherf****r” Raufeon Stots at Bellator 301: “We know he has a brittle chin”

By Cole Shelton - November 15, 2023

Danny Sabatello called for a rematch with Raufeon Stots ever since they fought in October of 2022.

Danny Sabatello

Sabatello and Stots fought in the semi-finals of the bantamweight Grand Prix, and Stots ended up winning a split decision. Since then, Sabataello was adamant he won the fight and called for a rematch.

“I’m not too surprised, Bellator knows I have been calling for this fight for a year ever since he was granted the decision by the judges, which was the wrong decision,” Sabatello said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “I knew it was only a matter of time before I was going to fight this motherf****r, there were too many question marks at the end of the last fight to not have a rematch. I think the fight was going to happen and when better time than now.”

Danny Sabatello ended up getting his wish as he will face Raufeon Stots at Bellator 301. After he signed on for the fight rumors began swirling that the promotion would be coming to an end after Bellator 300, but Sabatello says he was assured this fight would happen.

“I got reassurance that this event in Chicago was going to happen. I wasn’t really too worried about it, obviously, nothing is set in stone and crazy things can happen, so you do never know,” Sabatello said. “But, I try not stress to too much over that, I signed the dotted line and all I can really do is prepare to fight. You can’t think about the rumors and the distractions outside of this because that’s uncontrollable. All I know is I’m going to beat the shit out of Raufeon Stots.”

Once the event and the fight were confirmed, Danny Sabatello began studying their first fight and saw some things he could do to beat Raufeon Stots.

In addition, Sabatello says he’s hoping for a wild and chaotic opening round which will lead him to finishing Stots later in the fight.

“Stots’ standup isn’t that great, obviously anything can happen. I think his chin is starting to deteriorate, and I don’t think Stots is very durable,” Sabatello said. “I’m going to put that to a test in Chicago and I do think he’s going to feel the weight of my punches, the weight of my strikes out there. We know he has a brittle chin and can get his lights put out, he has been put out twice now and I’m looking to do it for a third time…

“I want a very wild first round and a very back-and-forth first round, believe it or not. I want to get the fans going, I owe it to Chicago, this is my first fight in Chicago, that’s my hometown,” Sabatello added. “With that, it works to my benefit, because if it is high-paced, I don’t think Stots can keep a high pace. After the anarchy of the first round, I will start to impose my will and that is what I will do, I want to dominate this motherf****r, I want to finish him.”

If Danny Sabatello gets the win at Bellator 301, he isn’t sure what his future holds. But, he knows if Bellator does get sold, Sabatello is confident he’ll have a job with another promotion due to his skill and trash-talking ability.

“Right now all I can focus on is Raufeon Stots because we don’t know what the future holds if Bellator will be a thing or not. I don’t know, I will always have a job because I’m a very good exciting fighter,” Sabatello concluded.


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